back to article Alterations may be needed to make SaaS fit

Software as a service (SaaS) may be a great way to shirk some capital expenditure by not having to buy servers and software, but how will it fit in with what you already have? Whether you are farming out CRM, document management, contact management or procurement, you probably have some locally hosted applications that you …


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  1. Colin Millar
    Thumb Down

    Duct tape and bubble gum?

    20 year old (and older systems) often won't be changed for a very simple business principle

    They just work and there is 20 plus years of empirical evidence to support that.

    No duct tape and bubble gum - these things are much more likely to be belt and braces systems than a lot of the crap being pumped out by modern software houses where "responsive to business needs" means "we'll be wanting some more money from you next year to fix this pile of steaming shite that we just sold you".

  2. Notas Badoff

    You mean, we've cut ourselves off?

    "Many systems will be updated, either with feature enhancements or bug fixes, and a truly competent IT department will needs to test them."

    Oh dear, you mean by aggressively implementing the previous fad of right-sizing and chucking out all those useless in-house staff, we now can't take advantage of the next "next big thing"? We'd have to hurt ourselves by dropping our super-secret-sauce in-house apps, because nobody is left who knows anything about them?!?

    (Foot finally receives "ack!" from brain... )

This topic is closed for new posts.

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