back to article ICANN prez calls out own board over conflicts of interest

The board of directors of internet overseer ICANN is said to be fuming after its ethics were called into question by the organisation's outgoing president and CEO. Rod Beckstrom, who is set to the leave the domain name policy group in July, took to the stage at ICANN's public meeting here in San Jose, Costa Rica on Monday to …


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  1. asdf

    take your pick

    CIA with Russia/China or Verisign and buddies. Wait those choices suck. Sigh oh well this internet fad will pass soon.

    "The Internet? We are not interested in it"

    - Bill Gates, 1993

  2. Gordon 10


    Any BoD members have to renounce any paid roles in related companies and register any non-paying non-exec roles.

    It's not rocket science. Just don't obviously put your snouts in the trough.

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