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As the latest incarnation of Canon’s highly-regarded PowerShot S range of enthusiast-grade compact cameras, the new PowerShot S100 has a lot to live up to. Canon PowerShot S100 compact camera More than point and shoot: Canon's PowerShot S100 Where the S95 was a relatively minor upgrade to the very popular S90 reviewed …


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  1. K

    I'm a click and shoot type of guy, but the clarity of some of these shots is pretty f*cking awesome. You've convinced me to give it a try. I just wish it had a super zoom on it, if it came with a 12x-16x Optical, I'd be heading to the shop NOW!

    1. AdamWill

      Not really practical

      High image quality, compact camera body, high optical zoom capability: pick any two.

  2. xenny

    I disagree that the GPS is a gimmick

    Especially after a trip, I find that being able to tie down where a shot was taken really makes reviewing them more pleasurable.

    Especially when visiting destinations that change substantially with the seasons, being able to locate and view other people's photos taken at the same place and a different time of year adds an interesting extra dimension to the place you've visited.

    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot
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      Re: I disagree that the GPS is a gimmick


      If you're serious about photography you often go out on a walkabout and shoot a series of recce shots to scout a location, you'll often do this without your full bag of kit. Having a camera with GPS means you know to within a few feet exactly where you took the viewpoint you really favoured. Nothing worse than scouting a location then coming back a week or two later and wandering about in the dark trying to find the exact spot you wanted to shoot from again.

      1. Paw Bokenfohr
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        Or, for a camera without built in GPS...

        ...use something like "Geotag photos" which tracks you on your phone, keeping a GPS track of you, and has an associated desktop app which merges the data in to your pictures.

        I've used it a lot, and it works just fine, and lets me choose the camera I want rather than being restricted to only those with built in GPS.

        And before anyone ignites, I'm sure there's something similar out there for Android and Windows Phone. Just I have an iPhone, hence why I know an iPhone app for it.

        1. Paw Bokenfohr
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          Re: Or, for a camera without built in GPS...

          Update: same application available for Android.

  3. The Axe


    Sounds such a good review that it should be rated at 90% which bring it down from 100% with some minor issues like the min aperature and speed in raw mode.

    How often does a RegHard review go below 60% and above 90%. The scores on the doors are not good enough to give a realistic view of the review. At the moment you have to take 60% as crap and 90% as effing brilliant. It should be more like 10% for crap and 100% as effing brilliant.

    1. Rob Davis

      Re: 90%

      +1 Agreed.

    2. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: 90%

      Good point, though could it be that companies rarely make God-awful products these days? A 10%er wouldn't make it out the door of the factory, a 55% might be given a supermarket home-brand badge, like Teknika, so can be safely ignored by Reghardware.

      Yeah, there will be plenty of could-do-betters, but often it is a case of 'is it better than what Sony or Nikon are offering me?', or 'will this camera be right for me?', in which case the the % score is just a rough guide.

      I liked the way the review has a jeans pocket test. And the observation about it not drawing attention to you.

    3. Marvin the Martian


      I give this proposal 85%.

      [Arbitrarily, you lost the 5% from "perfect"(i.e., 90%) for punctuation.]

  4. Code Monkey
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    A DSLR-toting chum has an S95 (possibly S90) and gets superb results.

    Being a "posh compact" kind of photographer (i.e. I like the odd arty shot but am too lazy to lug a DSLR around) I'm very tempted to upgrade.

  5. Rob Davis

    Great review for a great camera, corroborates with other views, discussion on DSLR vs Compact

    e.g. at and on

    Also, for an informative discussion on DSLR vs Compact look at:

  6. Ru

    Hrm, a few compromises in there

    The S90 was very clearly an excellent camera, but the S100 looks like an attempt to bodge a load of new and not entirely finished features on top of it. Stretching the zoom out but squeezing the aperture down even further is one, and a battery life that is a bit embarassing is another... and the price seems a wee bit steep, too.

    Looks like a product of marketing rather than engineering this time round.

  7. fastoy2

    GPS Testing

    As more cameras include GPS capability I suggest that you add more comprehensive testing and analysis to this area.

    I have two cameras with GPS capabilities and have found that the usefulness varies greatly. I have several blog posts discussing this:

  8. thomas newton

    K- for a compact with a superzoom lens

    have you considered a Panasonic? the Lumix TZ range will give you an excellent sensor, Leica optics and superb build quality. and the older models in the range still perform perfectly well while being excellent VFM.

    1. xenny

      Re: K- for a compact with a superzoom lens

      I've actually got a TZ10, and an S95. I bought the TZ 10 as I wanted a GPS equipped compact before a trip to 90W, 0N, and the S100 wasn't shipping.

      In marginal light, or any situation where I want manual controls, the S95 is a better camera from an image quality viewpoint. The TZ10's low light sensor performance is significantly worse than the S95.

      Where the TZ10 wins out over the S95 is a more rugged feel, far better zoom range, and a case design that is easier to hold on to while scrambling over rocks out of a panga. They're both lovely cameras, and apart from shutter response speed, I can between them get most of what I get out a DSLR and single zoom lens, but they're very different compromises.

  9. cmart

    The fly in the ointment with this great camera (not mentioned in the article) is the completely ridiculous popup flash position; directly under the finger of your left hand holding the camera. You will get disconcerting jammed motor messages from the popup flash (did I break it this time, hope not). Fabulous camera but start learning to hold it either one handed or not in the way you would hold your SLR

    1. xenny

      That's not where you'd hold an SLR though.

      For an SLR it's right hand around the grip, and left hand either operating controls on the body, or holding the lens for the focus ring etc. You don't tend to use the left hand to hold the left hand side of an SLR in normal operation.

      Similarly, I hold my S95 with right hand on the right hand side of the body, wrist through the wrist strap as the S95 is a slippery thing, and left hand free to use the controls on the back, or the control ring around the lens.

  10. Jamie Kitson


    A friend has had really bad experience with one of these, having to keep send it back for repairs.

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