back to article Apple iPad 3 data contracts compared

Apple's new iPad - read our first look at the new tablet here - went on sale today. Want one of the 3G-enabled models? To help you work out which network will offer you the best data deal, we've compared carriers' tariffs to see how they match up. As it stands, Three offers the best bang for your buck, with more 3G data than …


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  1. Lusty


    "Unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi* *Limited to 10GB a month"

    Really? No proofreading? Or is it because they were in different boxes on the Reg version, making it harder to comprehend?

    Couldn't the Reg have just written "BT Openzone Wi-Fi Limited to 10GB a month" without the silly footnote?

    1. Andy 115

      Re: ROFL

      I would assume el-Reg are just copying the (ridiculous) "unlimited" description from the providers Tarriff sheet....

    2. Piro Silver badge

      Re: ROFL

      I assume they're just taking the piss out of the plan, which is almost certainly worded that way. I commend El Reg for at least getting the facts down there.

  2. jai


    How about a comparison of PAYG prices?

    From what i could see when i looked, Three was also wiping out the competiton for value (10gb of data for £10 i think it was, whereas all the others were offering 2gb for the same price) but I don't know how good their network signal in my areas.

    For a data only device like an ipad, i'm thinking PAYG might be a better option than being tied to a two year contract.

  3. Gary Riches

    Or buy the device outright, go with Giff Gaff, get 3GB a month and save about £130

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    T-Mobile 6MonthsWeb!

    I credit my T-mobile sim with £20 every 6 months then txt 6monthsweb to 414141 or something... 1gig fair use per month for 6 months, so far they've never throttled me and I've been know to download torrents over 3g to my 7" GT, a couple of gig wasted a month easy.

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