back to article LightSquared sheds a lonely tear as Sprint legs it

LightSquared is framing Sprint's departure in the best way it can, promising that the pair will remain friends and may even hook up again some time if they're both drunk enough. Sprint's departure from the infrastructure-sharing deal was widely expected, and reported, but Sprint takes with it LightSquared's best hope of …


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  1. dssf

    Subspace and Tantalus

    Their revenge will come when they create subspace comms devices -- and a Tantalus field network to rid themselves of opposing execs, hehehehe

  2. Charles 9 Silver badge

    Any bets?

    How long do you think before LightSquared finally raises the white flag and either files for bankruptcy or simply liquidates? Two months?

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: Any bets?

      Aren't you forgetting that SCO *still* isn't dead?

      1. K. Adams

        "Aren't you forgetting that SCO *still* isn't dead?"

        I guess Zombiism can infect companies as well as people...

  3. Jon Bar


    Robust has never been part of the Lightsquared plan. Loud, maybe. But they've never done more than try to shout doen people who objected to their efforts to trample others. And now they're getting trampled, in poetic justice.

  4. Don Jefe


    The entire venture was doomed from the minute the GPS interference issue became irresolvable. They would have been better off saving their lobbying dollars and finding a real work around to the issue instead of just whining.

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      No workarounds possible.

      It had always been a sheer matter of noise, and it's hard to work around physics. Just as it's deucedly hard to hear your tinny cell phone speaker in the middle of a death metal concert. As for finding other frequencies, good luck. Last I check, every other viable frequency's already been taken.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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