back to article Mobile phones cause ADHD in rodents

Last year mobile phone radiation was elevated by the WHO to a “possible” cause of cancer (in line with other carcinogens like pickled vegetables and coffee), frightening easily panicked punters everywhere... Now there's some more cheery news – it also induces hyperactivity in unborn rodents. The Yale study published in Nature’ …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    now that

    Explains the reaction of some people when they accidentally leave the phone at home......


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    so what relevance does this have to anything other than paying for a few nobodies beer fund? Given there's very little information here (how long said mouse was exposed for example and how was it sat on the thing and bathed in waves or was the amount used equivelant to a mouse sized mobile phone of a few milimeters?), then extpolating out how big a phone and how long you'd need to rub your belly against to have the same effect, if such an effect would even occur. And how many people speak on the phone using their stomachs anyway? Or store a phone in their stomach pockets?

    So yeah, I call FUD

    1. Robert Heffernan

      The article actually stated that the exposure duration was the entire 17 day gestation period of which the phone was on an active call the whole time

  3. Jeebus

    Did the mice have rounded corners?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Maybe they're holding it wrong

  4. P. Lee

    Human studies already complete

    "Smartphones" are a major cause of ADHD in my wife who can't even watch TV anymore without also playing a game on her phone. She can't go for more than a few minutes of downtime (i.e. without a planned activity) without checking something or playing with her phone.

    It really doesn't matter whether its a physiological issue or not, the constant compulsion for stimulation can't be good for your stress levels.

    I'm not sure whether this particular study is is FUD or not, but saying "its no worse than coffee or pickled veg" is a rubbish argument for not doing research. The top killers in the west are mostly lifestyle diseases. Yes that yoghurt won't kill you, but a portion is half a tub and together with the packet macaroni cheese, and everything else, yes it will shorten your life. Eight shots of coffee is raising your risk of pancreatic cancer. Sure, nobody wants to find out that they've been damaging their unborn child or themselves for the sake of a facebook update, (and this study does seem to be a bit of a headline grabber) but I get suspicious when there are strong financial interests against even doing the research.

    Let them have their beer-money. Its nothing against the billions the telcos and phone industry have invested in making you use your phone.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: Human studies already complete

      That's different ADHD :)

      None the less, it is funny how prophetic good science fiction can be. If you read The Eternity Artifact by Modesit there is a long rant at one point on this. In that novel the more "aware" part of the human civilisation in the 26th century (if memory serves me right) have prohibited radio for any non-essential use for this exact reason - if you want connection you have to use fiber and use something tethered.

  5. Captain DaFt

    Sorry lil fella

    Mother to future progeny: No cellphone for you until after you're born!

    1. Aaron Em

      "prudent to limit mobile phone exposure to fetuses during pregnancy"

      Of course it is! If all it takes to ruin a phone is just dropping it in a puddle...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


  7. Arctic fox

    Mobile phones cause ADHD in rodents?

    Sorry, for some reason I couldn't quite follow the point with this article, kept getting distracted. What was that again?

    1. Graham Marsden

      Re: Mobile phones cause ADHD in rodents?

      The point was that...

      ... ooh, shiny!!

  8. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Hz of Ghz

    I doubt the transmission frequency matters much because it's way beyond what a cell can directly interpret. What I would expect to matter is the packet rate, which is in the milliseconds range. A constant transmission may do nothing more than slightly alter some chemical thresholds in some insignificant manner. Modulating the transmission with a low frequency could modulate those thresholds in a way that generates biologically significant signals. It's similar to how a cellphone makes an audio amplifier buzz. The audio amp's semiconductors have an operating limit around 30 to 200 MHz but the higher cellular signal can slightly alter characteristics. A constant 900GHz signal would do nothing but a modulated one can produce the familiar buzz.

  9. Richard Wharram

    Hmmf. This just smells of a large quantity of aged testicles to me.

  10. GettinSadda

    Poor Science

    Reading the report, this seems poor science.

    The method used exposed one set of mice to active mobile phones making a call 24/7, and the control were exposed to deactivated phones. They then concluded that electromagnetic radiation in the 800-1900MHz range was the cause of any differences between the two groups. Unfortunately there are a lot of differences between a phone making a constant call and a deactivated phone. One will be using quite a lot of power, producing heat, emitting various chemicals due to heating, charging a battery (or at least keeping it charged while being used) quite possibly there are audio frequencies that we don't hear being produced.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Poor Science

      Come on, be more forgiving to biologists :) You expect them to understand how a GSM functions after all.

      Now, let's repeat the same experiment using a device which has controlled power (femtocell) and which transmits constantly by design. If the results are reproducible this will get interesting...

  11. Elmer Phud

    Breaking News!

    Recent studies have discovered that newborn children are unable to text or play Angry Birds.

    This is due to exposure to harmful wavicles from the phones being in handbags or pockets durung geststion of the child.

    1. Swarthy Silver badge

      Re: Breaking News!

      Must be early in the AM for me.. at first I read that as "being in handbags or pockets durung conception of the child."

  12. Code Monkey

    Obligatory Dom Joly Comment

    I'M IN A LAB! A LAB!


  13. TeeCee Gold badge

    How boffins have fun.

    "Gosh I'm bored."

    "Tell you what. Let's write a paper showing how, under some ludicrously unlikely conditions, mobile phones have a health risk."


    "Well then we get to watch the tabloid press and the conspiracy nuts all go apeshit at once."

    "Yeah you're right, it gave us all a really good laugh last time somebody did that one. I'm game."

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just a Rehash of Previous Data...

    That has been whitewashed/buried by the (multi-national - multi-trillion a year) Telecoms industry.

    The data is pretty much the same as was discovered by both the US DoD and Russian Military from 1940-1980's.

    The Really Damming paperwork is out there and some people are working on getting it digitised and translated, (god i wish they would hurry up.)

    Not that anyones going to care as we may well have devolved and carried out a politically stupid scorched earth policy of the planet to hide the evidence that there was once a almost intelligent species here (i pity the poor fukin Mice, they really didn't ask for this shit, but it goes with the territory of pissing about asking stupid questions)

    and if your all wondering (in 5 years time) why you are overweight and suffer from chronic insomnia and a whole host of health problems(including cancer!), you can blame it on the ElectroSmog, which the Various Energy Utilities are rolling out (STUPID) meters to every building in the world.

    (and you thought Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a lousy script)...

    SomeTHING! else obliviously didn't.

    simplistic pest control, find something they cant resist that is fatal in any doses, give it to them till they die feeling happy, then land the fleet and clear up the remaining mess (and survivors) and take over the planet.

    the perfect ultimate solution.

    unfortunately were the pest !!!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mobiles are Banned by Big-Pharma

    Anywhere near their Labs, as the Mobile Phone Pulse Microwave Radiation (PMR) completely screws up all their Experiments and Production Runs when dealing with Splicing DNA and carrying out research on Cell Cultures.

    it IS used in some labs to carry out DNA manipulation and splicing with finely tunes PMR signal generators, walking in with a mobile or taking a call with such in the same lab is the really quick way to bollox up th entire experiment (it has happened.)

    The Cell walls respond directly with the Signal or the Resonant Harmonics of the mobile as well as the DNA strand and internal working processes for transportation of nutrients.

    the main effects are a restriction in the permeability of the cellular wall to excretion of waste products, Piezo-electric effects on molecules within the cell that are used in nutrient transportation, thereby reducing biological process efficiency.

    Resonant Harmonics is how the internal processes of a cell operate(and molecular science), the nervous system works at a frequency of about 17hz, if you have a Crackberry (the worst offender i've personally found so far) phone you are likely to be exposed to resonant harmonics around 15-18hz which will cause a direct Neurological response.

    the actual emissions will be across a lot of spectrum, not just resonant peaks within the emitted signal but also harmonics of the broadcast signal.

    So if you do fancy taking part in the World-Wide Big-Brain DNA Splicing Experiment,

    please do continue to apply your Personal PMR Resonant Generators on the Right Side of your Brains.

    (The Last one standing/breathing wins ;)

    1. Wombling_Free
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Mobiles are Banned by Big-Pharma


      BigPharma is onto you. They KNOW about your oxygen-free-copper cabling. They KNOW about your colloidal silver. They KNOW you have been avoiding free radicals. They DO NOT like this; they are coming for you.

      As per previous advice: destroy all your records and digital connections - they are compromised. Proceed to your nearest forest, discard your clothes; they have nano-thermobaric-red-mercury (spread by chemtrails) in them - you can be TRACED. Cover yourself in baked beans & tofuballs to avoid surveillance by Predator drones. Assume the lotus position at the base of the 34th birch; further instructions will be sent to your pituitary gland via Defocussed Natural Aerophany (DNA). These are your last digital instructions; these channels are now COMPROMISED. Only accept new information via the GAIA Harmonic Network. Blessed and lighted be! Spirit of Eagle guide you!

  16. Graham Marsden

    Recent studies have shown...

    ... that the main cause of cancer in laboratory rodents is Scientists!

  17. Paratrooping Parrot


    I just wonder who applied for funding that HUGE phone call?

  18. Wombling_Free

    How the hell do you spot ADHD in a rodent?

    What does a rat do when it has ADHD - steal your car? Paint graffiti on it's food bowl?

  19. Simon B

    the researchers “positioned a call phone on an ‘uninterrupted active call’ above a cage containing pregnant mice, throughout their seventeen days of gestation”.

    WTF!!!! who the f**k has a 17 day uninterupted phone call!!!!! They'd be dead before then anyway to even get cancer!

    Latest tests show bicycles are dangerous because if rode at 1000mph it would rip your head off. Also drinking is dangerous because if you swallow 80 gallons per second you'll explode.

    Shite fake studys like this don't deserve the light of day, gives theregister a slap for printing this trash.

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