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I stumbled across TuneIn while reviewing the Archos 35 Home Connect - it’s preinstalled as that device’s main radio portal - and since that chance encounter it has ended up on all my Android devices. TuneIn allegedly offers over 50,000 internet radio stations and 1.2m on-demand programmes. I’m not about to count them to see if …


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  1. dave 93
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    Best €1 I ever spent

    I got this app on iOS when it came out and it is a fantastic piece of software. Try out the website for free access to internet radio, but the podcast archives accessible via the app are awesome.

  2. Bassey

    Great App

    I discovered this a few weeks ago and it is fantastic. I'm mainly using it to listen to the "Other" BBC stations (5 Live Xtra, 4 LW, 6 Music etc) but intend having an explore once time allows.

  3. Rob 44

    Rubbish app.

    I've used it on both ios and android. The android version is pitiful.

    Scanning through recorded stations is painful, the slider is poor to react and skips all over the place. Also the ios version when you record a stream also captures the tracks id3 tags so you know what you're listening to and you can even skip between tracks, something the android version still doesn't have and probably never will by the looks of things.

    Its been riddled with all kinds of bugs from day one, and has always been painful to use. If they develop it to the level of the ios version then I may consider re-installing it, until then I wont let it pollute my HTC handset.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Rubbish app.

      it may lag behind the iOs version but it's still the best Android internet radio app I've tried (the only one that worked at all). It is sensitive to devices and Android versions but I managed to get it working fairly happily on an old HTC Hero when nothing else worked. iOS is less fragmented and easier to develop for.

      As others have said it needs a good connection to avoid constant rebuffering.

      Other downsides are that it eats batteries and it lacks the ability to add a custom URL. The latter is mitigated by the fact that it seems to have all the stations I want to listen to in its database.

      Another annoyance is that list of supported devices it will install on in the Android Market is quite limited (it won't install on my hacked Nook Tablet).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Rubbish app.

        Brilliant on my Xoom, I couldn't disagree more with your view. I actually paid for the pro (recording) version, before this offer appeared. As others have said, maybe you have a grotty phone!

      2. Andrew Woodvine

        Custom URLs

        The way to add a custom URL is by going to

        The only problem with this is it allows me to add the URL and it then appears in the mobile app under My Presets, but the station won't play, even though I know the URL is correct.

    2. sisk

      Re: Rubbish app.

      It must just not like your phone. I've been using it for close to a year on my Droid 1 with CM7 and haven't had any problems with it. In fact my favorite FM station has thier own app and TuneIn outpreforms it pretty significantly.

      The only complaint I have is that it sucks down the battery enough when listening to radio over 3G that I only get about half a day as opposed to my normal 2-3 days, but that's really not all that suprising. It also sucks up bandwidth worse than Netflix, but I'm on an 'unlimited' plan and haven't ever used enough to get throttled.

    3. Vector

      Re: Rubbish app.

      This is the *BEST* radio app for Android!

      That being said, I'd have to agree with Rob 44 that it is/has been bug-ridden (at least the free version). I've used the freebie on a Droid and on my HTC Sensation and, though it works, updates are always a bit unnerving. After one update, I'd get a station screen with no station and would have to run through a rather arcane routine (don't remember the details) to get it back to where I could actually select a station. They've long since fixed that, but now, audio transistions (to/from bluetooth or the audio jack) are questionable, being almost as likely freeze the app as not.

      For all that, though, I've tried to switch to other radio apps and keep coming back to TuneIn. It's not perfect, but it seems to be better than the rest of the pack at the moment.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    been using this on the iphone, good stuff but you need wifi or all the bars of 3g

  5. Craigness
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    "If you have the AmazonMP3 app installed, a Buy button appears." So they do know how to program for Android! It's a shame they didn't use the built-in features for sharing instead of coding their own Twitter login form.

    It's sometimes difficult to know whether the back button can be used within the sliding panels, I've had problems getting back to the "home page" and the presets list does not always refresh when new ones are added. In the main this is a pretty good app though. There is loads of listening to choose from.

    Anyone who enjoys free music might also like to try the Jamendo apps and website.

  6. Chris 171
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    Most reliable radio streamer I have found on Droid, works very well on my Tablet S.

    Not sure on the record requirement though, most stations I listen to auto archive anyway so its not enough additional bells to warrant a purchase from me.

    Nokia internet radio also excellent in a similar vein & if your weird enough to still be using S^3 of course.

  7. Mark Thomas 3
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    It's great

    This is one of the first apps I put on my devices.

    Have it on iPhone, iPad and my Android tablet. It is easily one of the best radio apps out.

    Highly recommended.

  8. Radio

    Does this use the built in radio, or (more likely) streaming? If streaming, how much data does it use?

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  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I( cannot recommend this app enough

    I've been using for over a year on Android (free version) now, and saw the 20p offer so upgraded. The main diff with the paid version is that you can record.

    I've got an FM radio in my phone, but I tend to use this over the inbuilt, as you don't need the headphones as an aerial.

    You can set the stream quality on many stations as well, so if listening to Radio 4 over 3g, just set the bit-rate lower as it doesn't effect speech so much, and it uses less of any allowance. I find it drops out less than the FM radio does.


  11. Annihilator
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    It's an amazing app (iOS version in this instance) that I use quite often, particularly for a sneaky listen of Popmaster at work..

    Only thing that's unclear to me is the bandwidth requirements. I rarely use it on a cellular network for that reason, though find it works very well.

  12. tony72

    Great app

    Been using TuneIn free version for ages, it's great. Thanks for mentioning the 20p deal, seemed like an excellent time to buy the Pro version, even though I can't see myself using the record function much. My main gripe with it (and it may be an Android gripe rather than a TuneIn one) is that when using it as an alarm, both on my Archos tablet and my Nexus S it doesn't always seem to wait long enough for the wi-fi connection to come up, giving up with a connection error, so I can't dependably use it as an internet radio alarm. The "shake for related" also seems a bit sensitive, I kept accidentally changing stations, so I had to turn that off. And you can't sort your presets, at least in the free version, at first glance it looks the same in the Pro version. Other than that it's awesome.

  13. martinwjordan

    Agreed - excellent app

    This is well worth the money. Streets ahead as music apps go! Even itunes doesn't have a Car mode but this does!!

  14. Jim 48
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    Brilliant app

    I use it to listen to Czech Punk SKA radio and have never had _any_ problems with the application and don't mind at all that I played full price for it (much)

  15. Zahid Hanif
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    Great App

    Got the BlackBerry version and it's fantastic. Well recommended

  16. CynicalPsycho

    Free on Getjar

    I know 20p isn't a lot but still, this is currently free on Getjar

    1. <spez>
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      Re: Free on Getjar

      Had this a while from getjar, but its a pain to manually check or redown load to get bug fixes and updates, so I thought its worth a punt of 20p just for the ease of update through market, I mean play

  17. bertino
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    Data usage depends on stream rate obviously....

    Say you are using 64kbps stream,

    Then in 1 hour you will use 64k*60*60 = 230.4Mb per hour (Mega BIT), or 230.4M/8 = 28.8MB (Mega BYTES) per hour.

    Some of the talk stations broadcast at 32kbps, so 14MB per hour is not too bad depending on your data plan.

    If using 3G signal for stream you may be better using yourmuze, as you can set the bit rate you want and the yourmuze server re-encodes it.

    1. Jeff Power

      Re: Data usage depends on stream rate obviously....

      I've been using this every morning and evening on my commute to/from work. I have a 6GB/month data plan and have been worried about the data usage, but my provider seems not to be able to measure the bandwidth this uses for whatever reason, as my usage numbers are nowhere near what they should be. Just hoping they don't suddenly tally them all up at once...

  18. EddieD

    (turns up collar and shuffles into the shadows)

    The free version is really nice on Win Phone too...

    I now have Andy's 80s and Venice Classic on the go, which is nice.

    (coat, mine, thanks...)

  19. Jolyon Smith
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    Adding my thumb up

    Yes, the iOS version has a much slicker UI, especially on the iPad. It's a shame that the Android version just scales up the phone UI rather than having a tablet specific layout.

    But underneath the UI veneer, functionally the Android version is just as good as the iOS counterpart. The review failed to mention that as well as the sleep function (not mentioned, but shown in screenshot) TuneIn also has a built in alarm with all the useful recurring/scheduling options you'd expect (to enable the alarm only on selected days, tho no way to set different times for different days that I could see).

    EXCELLENT app, especially if - like me - you are an ex-pat POM pining for Aunty Beeb.

  20. Nigel R Silver badge

    IOS best, more work to do, Tunein!

    World Business Report BBC podcast :

    Tunein IOS version: Works, except there is no way of preventing it moving onto the next podcast which happens to be a always repeat.

    Tunein Android: Locates the podcast but fails to play it - error message.

    Free version worth having, paid version? Well it would require me to sign up with the Android Market for the first time.

    iPad version is lovely because of the map browsing option (not available on iPhone).

  21. This post has been deleted by its author

  22. Soruk

    HP Touchpad...

    I've got this app on the HP Touchpad, Works well enough, I can get LBC97.3 in Basingstoke (which is just outside their FM reach) - but I can't get any BBC station apart from World Service...

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    Use this every day

    I use this in place of my car radio. It enables me to listen to decent radion stations (mainly Radio 4) rather than the awful Australian stations (Radio National is pretty good, but not during my commute time). The time zone difference can work in my favour, e.g. listening to The Day of The Triffids on 4Extra on the way to work, or against me, e.g. Woman's Hour on Radio4 on the way home.

    1. DocWilson

      Re: Use this every day

      You've just given me an idea - instead of looking for DAB/Bluetooth replacement stereo for the car, I could just use TuneIn, and have both internet radio and handsfree via the mobile... Nice one :-)

  24. mrmond
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    Just got this from Getjar

    And it's pretty good.

    Radio 1 and 2 plus a couple of local radio stations and one european rock station /i listened to while travelling and it's working great.

    Beats xiaalive which I used up till now and only keep for full shoutcast capability.

  25. Grozbat

    Why no forward hopping?

    Why is there is no way to skip forward to a specific place within a podcast?

    Quite often the phone loses the stream and the app forces you to start from the beginning again, which is annoying if you've listened to half of an hour-long podcast.

    My old Nokia had this feature years ago. It's not rocket science.

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