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If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of panoramic photography and tried to stitch images together so that they form a virtual reality movie, you’ll know, frankly, what a pain in the backside it can be. There’s the lining up of the shots, the careful positioning of camera and tripod, and, of course, there’s always some stray …


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  1. Tom 7 Silver badge

    It’s remarkable to be able to do this on a phone at al

    Wait till you hear about computers!

  2. D@v3

    That is pretty cool

    but £70? not sure it's /that/ cool

  3. Len Goddard


    It needs some sort of pistol grip to avoid getting your thumb in every shot. TBH, it seems like a gimick to increase the amount of truely bad and uninteresting video/still photography polluting the web.

  4. PhilipN Silver badge

    Warning to others

    I still have my old Razr with a zoom lens attachment thingy.

    When I first tried it I thought Wow and Cool.

    Then I realized (as most keen photographers already know I suppose) that a tripod is essential because YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR FRIGGING HAND STEADY!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Warning to others

      That doesn't seem to be the case:

  5. Some Beggar
    Thumb Down

    Money for old rope.

    £70 for a curved reflector, a plastic case and an iphone App?

    Nice work if you can get it.

    1. Pypes

      Re: Money for old rope.

      Thinking the same. Decent lenses aren't cheap but you can get canikon "niffty 50's" for the same sort of money (maybe another £20) that are an order of magnitude more complex, and with apparently 2 orders of magnitude better image quality judging from the frankly shocking video.

      I know injection molding tooling isn't cheap and this isn't going to be flying off shelves any time soon, but it's priced far too dear for a gimmicky toy, and performs far too poorly for any sort of serious video blogging nonsense.

      1. Some Beggar

        Re: Money for old rope.

        I'm not sure there's an upper limit to what some people will spend on crappy plastic gimmicks for iphones though. Crappy plastic gimmicks for iphones might just be what pull us out of the recession.

      2. curiousgeorge

        Re: Money for old rope.

        It's not just the cost injection molding (and other manufacturing costs) - they also provide a free app and web service for sharing the content, so they have to amortize software costs as well. To say nothing of R&D necessary to build the entire system in the first place.

        I love it when people wonder out loud why a product costs more than its component parts, as if those parts magically assembled themselves into the complex configuration by their own volition.

        1. Pypes

          Re: Money for old rope.

          I thought my comments about tooling costs could be read more broadly to mean "I know they have to recover sunk costs but..." rather than "They only need to recover tooling costs and....." The rest of the post still stands, it's massively over priced considering material cost and optical performance and is priced far too dearly for mass appeal. They would have been far more likely to make their fortune selling a million of these things at £10 each, rather than selling 1000 at £70 a piece.

          Personally I think R&D costs were a few hours in autocad, and enough business bullshit to hoodwink a venture capitalist, the thing is objectively an optical and ergonomics disaster. Software development and web-hosting costs as much as your willing to spend, which can be a lot when it's someone else's money and the project lead is your best mate.

  6. Shades

    As soon as I... the headline on the front page, before I even clicked the link, I envisaged the attachment to be something of a monstrosity... I wasn't wrong.

  7. Stephen 2

    Saw something similar on Kickstarter

    1. curiousgeorge

      Re: Saw something similar on Kickstarter

      talk about something of a monstrosity... That thing literally doubles the size of the iPhone. Ridiculous.

  8. John H Woods Silver badge

    line up tripod ...

    ... blah blah. Don't be silly - just take tonnes of somewhat overlapping shots. Stuff into a moderately powerful PC running Hugin. Wait. Enjoy.

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