back to article Cops nab mobile net workmen for snarfing punters' data

Police in South Korea have arrested five men working as sub-contractors for the country’s two biggest mobile companies. The men were nabbed on suspicion of snarfing personal information and location data from potentially hundreds of thousands of mobile users and selling it on to private detectives. The Korea Herald reported …


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  1. ItsNotMe

    Didn't know NoW had a South Korean office.


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    let the punishment

    Fit the crime.

    Confiscate their phone.


    In other news...

    "[Phorm] have successfully completed two trials in Korea, about which we will update the market in due course"

    Nabbing private/confidential communications data? In South Korea? Selling it to someone else?

    Who would do such a despicable thing?

  4. BTCustomer
    Thumb Down

    More news just in (from September 2011)

    Issued on 30/09/2011 @ 07:02

    Phorm plan their entry into the Korean mobile market...

    "As our software continues to evolve, we will be bringing a number of new developments to the market, particularly in the mobile space, which represents an important and highly complementary opportunity worldwide. "

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