back to article Web 2.0 cash wad surge spunked on telly ads in UK

TV advert spending went up in the UK last year, fuelled partly by telly slots bought by web firms that mostly make their money from online advertising. Goggle-box ad revenue in the country grew by 2.2 per cent to a new record high of £4.36bn. It outperformed the total UK ad market, which only rose by 1.5 per cent, according to …


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  1. Vulch

    Saturated markets

    Sounds like the growth is in getting people to switch products within the sector (different phone/browser/insurance) rather than grabbing new customers, it used to be washing powder and pet food back when I worked for an ITV station. By themselves the ads don't generate more cash flow, but if the companies don't run them they lose customers to other brands.

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