back to article SAP tosses out stock-linked sweeteners to staff

SAP employees will continue to bag cash incentives in the form of phantom stocks as the enterprise computing behemoth works harder to hang onto valuable talent. “I do believe it makes a lot of sense to have incentive programmes for the employees as well, which make them interested in the share price of the company and give …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    "Old guard enterprise software companies like SAP and its major rival Oracle are having to move fast into the cloud as companies ditch long-term licences in favour of the flexibility and mobility of fluffy offerings."

    Yeah, they just completed multi-year, multi-million SAP customization projects which tailored the software to their specific needs. Now they throw this all away for the Magic Cloud. Of course powered by unicorns. No doubt.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "This is an industry with a war for talent, and talent is the biggest differentiator for everyone in our industry."

    That is oh, so true, that one cannot do anything else but take a hard look at the SAP software and look for signals of that talent somewhere. After taking a long and hard look, twice to make sure you don't miss anything, one ends up wondering when was the last time anyone with even a tiny bit of talent* worked at SAP. Perhaps 15 years ago?

    * I'm referring to software engineering talent. SAP has plenty of talent in the sales, marketing and golfing-with-the-CEO areas.

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