back to article Acer claims first discrete graphics Ultrabooks

Acer has been busy at the CeBit trade show this week, with announcements of a fresh 15in Ultrabook and a range of slimline notebooks. The Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 packs a 15in display with the latest Intel Core processor and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT640M graphics chip. The latter ending sole reliance on Intel's …


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  1. Shades


    ...someone moaning about the screen resolutions/ratio in 3, 2, 1...

    1. K

      Re: Cue...

      As you insist!

      With a 17" screen and ridiculous high costs, these should come with a minimum 1080p screen... If not even larger. Lets face it, development of laptop screens has stagnated in recent years..If these are the "next generation" then they should have screen to match.

    2. GettinSadda

      Re: Cue...

      Well, 1600x900 is not all that bad, but noting great on a 17" screen. My laptop has a resolution of 1680x1050 in 17" and that was nothing special when I bought it five years ago!

      1. Steve Foster

        Re: Cue...

        Frankly, IMHO, 1600x900 is just about acceptable at 11"-13", but at 17", it's pathetic.

        One of the reasons I am still using my (now-ancient) Acer Ferrari 4005 (A64, 15" 1680x1050 matt display) is that I can't find a decent replacement (ie resolution as good or better, with a modern quad-core CPU and sensible RAM) at a sane price.

        About the only laptop that actually moves the spec forward over my Ferrari would be a high-end MacBook Pro, but those are stupid money.

    3. Shades

      Responses to "Cue..."

      Well guys, I have to say I'm impressed. None of the usual frothing at the mouth, ALL CAPS, rocking backwards and forwards rants that are the norm for any mention of screen res/ratio, but reasoned and polite responses... and no downvotes in sight (so far at least!). That's got to be a first on El Reg!

      Upvotes and virtual beers for all of you! :)

  2. dogged

    discrete gfx


    Something worth thinking about, instead of this Intel garbage.

    1. Shades

      Re: discrete gfx

      You raise a very good point... have another upvote so we've all got 2! lol :)

  3. studentrights


    Hmmm.... how many do I own... none.

    Apple will have discreet graphics in there new 15" MacBook Air this spring.

    I bet this one won't beat Apple on price.

    PS - To be an UltraBook it should have an SSD. The difference in speed is like night and day. I'll never have a boot HD again. SSD from here on out. I could never go back. It's like jumping into a pool of tar.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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