back to article Intel: The data center will be 'Xeon E5 Inside'

Diane Bryant, Intel's former CIO and now general manager of the chip giant's Data Center and Connected Systems Group, has gone from installing Xeon servers to run the company, to hawking them to all of the other companies on the planet. And, of course, making sure that Intel engineers cook up the next-generation Xeons so …


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  1. Christian Berger

    BMW is probably the worst example there

    It's a very top down company. If they CEO says they should switch to V-tech computers, they will do so without a whimper.

    And a million requests per second aren't _that_ impressive. That's 11 requests per second. Fefes Blog ( probably has way more, and it's running on some very old machine.

    Other than that, of course Pixar is an impressive example, they need the cheapest processing power for their render farms, and the fastest systems for their animators.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    "The data center will be 'Xeon E5 Inside'..."

    Now that's what I call a burning platform.

    Flames, 'cos elsewhere it's suggested that's what you get when you stick a load of E5s in one place.

  3. Paul Smith
    Black Helicopters

    good enough for the goose?

    "...That, said Rodriguez, is enough encryption capability to secure all the data on a DVD in nine-tenths of a second..."

    Sso we can asume it is pretty good at decrypting as well?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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