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This is your chance to get your own back on those annoying teenagers who huddle at the back of the bus and play music through the god-awful tinny speakers on their mobile phones. Desaia BeatBox Bluetooth speaker Desaia’s Beat Box is a 75mm cube with speaker grilles on either side and it connects to any device which can pump …


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  1. groovyf

    Comparison with...

    ...the Logitech Mini Boombox?

    I've got the Mini Boombox and I'm constantly amazed at the sound it produces, especially at the lower end of the frequency range.

  2. Niall

    Comparison with...

    Another option - Creative D100.

    I've had a Creative D100 for 2 years.


    - sound quality is really good, even good bass

    - bluetooth range is really good

    - cheaper @£35


    - bigger than this Desaia one

    - no internal rechargeable battery, takes 4xAA or mains

    - has a proprietary power supply, not usb

  3. JS Greenwood

    Ummm.... Details?

    Is the battery pack sealed or does it take rechargeable AAs or similar?

    Does it charge over any standard USB connection, or is that port shown on the picture for something else?

    How does the sound compare to similar speakers of this cost/size?

    Does it come with any kind of carrying bag or similar to keep it from getting knocked about?

    Exactly what variant of the Bluetooth spec does it comply to?

    Any line-in socket?

    Any line-out socket?

    Really like the idea of geek-treat reviews... but if the first thing it makes me do is go and find a site that's *actually* reviewed it, rather than spent 2 minutes justifying a vendor freebie/similar, I think something's missing...

    1. Stowe.Stopper

      Re: Ummm.... Details?

      Having seen ones in my friend's dorm room at university, I ended up buying one off amazon a few days ago - and haven't looked back since. I was initially going to go for the WoweeOne having read reviews, etc - but i was told (and agree with) the bass on the Beat Box is the best on the market for it's size.

      Not only does it have excellent bass, but as a student I've saved having to buy an iPod dock or a 2.1 laptop speaker set.

      @JS Greenwood:

      I didn't get any carry case/cloth with it - but doubt i will need to worry as it is wipeable and doesn't scratch easily.

      No removable battery unit - all built in just like an iPhone- plug it into a usb plug and you're good to go after an hour or so.

      The line - in cable works with virtually anything with a headphone port. Tested with: iPod, TV, Dell Inspiron Laptop and even an old school radio.

      Let me make it clear, I'm no gadget expert - but I know my music, and this speaker brings out the best sound quality and bass in my playlist. So all in all I'm a happy customer, and would recommend this to anyone considering a new speaker system.

  4. Jack Bastard


    Come on El Reg, review the speaker sold by It knocks stuff like this thing into a cocked hat.

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