back to article Cray gets graphic with big data

Supercomputer maker Cray has released an exotic appliance to help deep-pockets organizations find the relationships hidden in the torrent of information now being collected about, well, everything and everyone. Sometimes you want to Map and Reduce that big data to sift it for some golden nuggets of information, and sometimes …


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  1. Code Monkey

    Urika-ka-ka-kaaaa. That is all.

  2. thejackle

    If only...

    .. all the results said 42.

  3. sabba

    Start at several hundred thousand dollars...

    including the software stack!!

    That'll be the open-source software stack then!! Glad they decided to throw that in for free!!

  4. Francis Vaughan


    It really is nice to see the MTA going somewhere. I saw Burton Smith talking up MTA nearly 20 years ago, and even then everyone considered it to be about the only new idea in computer architecture. In that time not much new has arisen, and for a long time MTA looked pretty moribund with little more than some neat parallel sort results. So this really is rather heartening.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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