back to article Sacks of cash chucked at upstart dressed to the nines

Object storage startup Amplidata has grabbed $8m of funding to help stack up the products that it claims virtually eliminate data loss. Competitor Caringo, meanwhile, agrees that you don't need tape for archive storage, having integrated its CAStor product as back-end storage for Symantec's Enterprise Vault. Amplidata will use …


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  1. Andrew Downes

    10 nines?

    Sheer marketing rubbish - turned on its head that means a given object will be unavailable for a third of a second in every hundred years? Simply impossible to prove, and 99.99999999% unlikely to happen. I don't expect el Reg to be repeating this guff without at least poking fun...

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: 10 nines?

      Yeah, it works out something like 0.3 seconds in a year. Sometimes we just hand over to the comments section for, er, analysis of this sort of claim.


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