back to article Riot police encircle Mobile World Congress

Student protesters are gathering outside the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, chanting and shouting, which would be more concerning if they weren't more or less outnumbered by the riot police. A helicopter is circling overhead and a large group of students is gathered on the roundabout outside the congress site, but the …


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  1. Ben Tasker Silver badge

    Student Protest card ultimately has no effect no matter the enthusiasm with which it's played.

    Unless of course one of you is foolish enough to throw something heavy out of an upstairs window, at which point the entire country turns against you and condemns you as idiots!

    Does seem a bit opportunistic protesting at MWC, I can understand people going to G8 and suchlike, but MWC?

    1. Thomas 4
      IT Angle

      Didn't you get the memo?

      Apple and Microsoft now control the world.

      ....I'm not actually sure whether I meant that in jest or not.

  2. Jelliphiish


    MUHSHT HAAAVE PHOOONES.. (head ticket and shuffle whilst droooling)

    and rinse and repeat

    mine's the long duster with the baseball bat and sawn-off in the pockets..

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Look, so there are police after all

    I wonder where they go to at other times of the year when they're not busy turning the MWC into a bunker so the GSMA's members don't decide to storm off in a huff and never come back because of the high levels of robbery.

    'Cos the four (count 'em) regional police forces somehow aren't as bothered about thefts happening to local people.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Look, so there are police after all

      Probably the cause of the thefts, in fact.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the rumour has it that...

    there's an iphone 5 there and they all desperate to get their hand on it. Them fanbois will queue for ever you know.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Democracy doesn't work! Simple as that!

    If it did, those who are supposed to be WORKING FOR US, wouldn't be sending in the cops AGAINST us.

    If I were a COP, I'd had to dig deep to IGNORE what it is right and wrong. Though they are taught to be corrupt very early on.

  6. Dom 3


    I always wonder how many of the rioting "students" are in fact squat-dwellers who've noticed that Barcelona is a whole load sunnier than Brixton or Brussels.

    Meanwhile: *four* regional plod-squads? There's the Guàrdia Urbana, and the Mossos. You'll still find a few Guardia Civil kicking about, and then there's the Policía Nacional - but both those are of course national.

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