back to article IBM peddles used servers, PCs in China

As the Ferengi rules of acquisition point out, anything worth selling once is worth selling at least twice and maybe three times. And thus, Big Blue is opening up a server and PC refurbishing center in Shenzhen, the first such facility in China and one aimed at the burgeoning second-hand equipment market in that country. With …


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  1. Vic

    Is it just me?

    > IBM's Global Asset Recovery Services division inside of its Global Financing arm

    Doesn't that sound remarkably like a debt collector? Is IBM flogging on repossessed kit?


  2. mantouboy

    Missing translation (but it was obvious perhaps?)

    xiǎoqì guǐ (小气鬼) means cheapskate, stingy, meanie...

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    "All your base unit are belong to us, round-eye."

    (Apparently, non-Asians don't actually get called "round-eye". Except by each other, as here.)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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