back to article Faster mobile data: the road to 4G

Reg Hardware Mobile Week The great thing about standards, as some wit once said, is that there are so many to choose from. Mobile phones are afflicted worse than most technology – a multiplicity of standards, nested within one another like a messy set of Russian dolls filled with alphabet soup. The 'generations' of mobile …


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  1. James 51

    Why bother?

    Will 2G, 3G and LTE all be running at the same time?

    If LTE results in more and better coverage (espically in rural areas and dead spots in buildings) then the hit battery life takes might be worth it but otherwise sounds like a repeat of the roll out of 3G but without many of the benefits (is that jump in speed really going to be worth the expense and hassle for all involved?)

  2. Joel 1

    Still waiting for 2.5G

    Out by me, we're still waiting for Edge networks (which was only a software upgrade for the base station), never mind anything requiring hardware upgrades....

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Still waiting for 2.5G

      You don't think they'd do something like give their customers extra bandwidth do you? They'd only go and do something mad like try and use it...

  3. Tim #3


    Another intersting angle on 4G tech & interference here:

  4. PaulR79

    4G speeds? WOWOWOW!

    I'd settle for HSPA speeds slightly higher than they area now. I regularly hit about 2Mb/s with my phone on T-Mobile and if it got up to around 6Mb/s I'd be over the moon. The only reason I might want higher speed is if I have to download a huge amount of data like some of those games require. There aren't a lot of those and I'd prefer to do it at home over WiFi where I have a faster, more reliable connection and where I can charge the phone at the same time.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A bit wide of the mark

    "There are commercial LTE roll-outs in many parts of the world, but here there are just a few, closed trials. Ofcom currently anticipates LTE being implemented in the UK in 2013-14, with "wide availability" by 2015."

    I've heard that subject to regulatory approval, EE could roll out 4G in 2012.

  6. sCode

    With HSPA+ devices I think many people will get to have cheaper and faster access than any over-the-phone-line service. Apart from mobile coverage I consider the UK still in the dark ages of connectivity compared to the REST OF THE PLANET.

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