back to article Hungry Dell iron monsters FEAST on your puny apps

Dell is adding Micron-based Express Flash to its servers and will feed the server flash beast from Compellent arrays. Brian Payne, executive director of PowerEdge marketing at Dell, showed us the 2.5-inch SSD slot at the front of one of Dell's twelfth generation servers at a launch event at the temple of UK rugby, Twickenham …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    El Reg and Dell... a love story

    What is with the half dozen rosy, laudatory articles on Dell?

    Automated data tiering with flash has been around foreeever. IBM has Easy Tier, EMC has FAST, HDS probably has something too. Dell's fluid data isn't new at all. They bought it second hand from Compellent as a second option after they were outbid for the storage company they really wanted, 3PAR.

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