back to article Cyber-security startup to flash major Android soft spots at RSA

Three big-hitters in the world of cyber security have launched a firm that intends to unmask hackers and their motives, and they've scooped up $26m to get it started. As one of its first acts, CrowdStrike plans to unveil an overview of Android's weak spots in a demo at the RSA on 29 Feb. CrowdStrike launched in "stealth-mode" …


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  1. ysth

    A security startup with $26M in funding and a bizarrely hand-wavy business model makes a first splash with a planned expose of Android weaknesses? Do you smell Microsoft? I do.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    software: hacking reported ...

    News 30 min. later: an unexplained murder occured in ... victim was apparently a black hat hacker.

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