back to article Daniel Craig like Connery, Skyfall helmsman suggests

The director of forthcoming 007 romp Skyfall has provocatively suggested a certain similarity between Daniel Craig and Sean Connery - something which will no doubt give "Best Bond" pub bores something to bang on about all week. Speaking in his first Skyfall "Videoblog", Sam Mendes praises Casino Royale and wisely avoids all …


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  1. bill 36
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    pushy galore

    I musht be dreaming!

    great !!!!

    1. DF118

      Re: pushy galore

      Wonder how his wife is feeling after Ash Wednesday...

      1. James Micallef Silver badge
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        That, shir, is pure geniush!

      2. vonBureck

        Re: Re: pushy galore

        Now that'sh what I call a one-liner!

  2. Chris Miller

    Is he trying to tell us that Craig is a secret slaphead?

    1. chr0m4t1c


      He's a proud Scot who wants to see an independent Scotland and he demonstrates that by not only following Connery's example of not living in Scotland, but takes it one step further by not actually being Scottish.

  3. Eponymous Cowherd

    Perfectly plausible

    "this Reg hack's own first clear memory of Sean Connery is of a real man in an entirely plausible real situation, that's to say, strapped to a gold table while a laser beam inches its way towards his 'nads.

    Happens to me all the time.

    Really wasn't too keen on Casino Royale. The first bit of the film was OK-ish. But once Bond got to the casino I was bored shitless..

    Not too fussed with this "gritty realism" thing in Bond films, anyway. I want absurd situations, OTT car (boat, tank, submarine, etc) chases, gadgets, one-liners, etc.

    Hell, Johnny English is more Bond, than Bond, thee days......

    1. uknutz

      Re: Perfectly plausible

      "I want absurd situations, OTT car (boat, tank, submarine, etc) chases, gadgets, one-liners, etc.

      Hell, Johnny English is more Bond, than Bond, these days....... "

      Exactly. This is how I want my Bond movies!

      1. Andrew Baines Silver badge
        Paris Hilton


        But then you get all the bores complaining about the newer films being more true to the books.


        I stopped watching Bond films after Casino Royale - long winded with thuggish violence. Another vote for implausible Bond films.

        Paris, because she'd be ideal as a Bond Baddy.

    2. EddieD
      IT Angle

      Re: Perfectly plausible

      Ah...which Casino Royale?

      David Niven as an aging Bond was entertaining in the first version from the 60s - which was hammy, unrealistic and over the top - i.e. a classic Bond film

      1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson
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        Re: Re: Perfectly plausible

        Ah, now you are talking. Proper Bond movie with no fewer than 7 James Bonds (well, 6 and one Jimmy Bond).

        "Who is this le Chifre?"

        "Nobody knows. Not even le Chifre."

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

    I really liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond. Ok, the accent was a bit wafty, but gadgets, cars and girls, exactly what a Bond film should be.

    1. Silverburn

      Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

      +1, but PB did take the one liners a wee bit too far...need I remind anyone of the cringeable "I thought xmas only came once a year?"

    2. Eddie Edwards
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      Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

      Well, yeah. Goldeneye saved the franchise. Went a bit downhill from there, sadly, but I'd put Goldeneye up there with anything Connery did.

    3. Tibbs

      Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

      Do you not think that whenever Brosnan said 'Jaaayyyymmmes Bahhhhhnd' it sounded like he was straining on a particularly difficult stool? It didn't help that his later films made Moonraker look good...

      Connery's nervousness in the infamous 'No Mister Bond I expect you to DIE' was apparently real. There was a guy under the table with a blowtorch making the cut in the 'gold' and he was getting a bit closer to Connery's bits than he would have liked!

      Personally I liked Timothy Dalton - he played it much closer to the books and he's by far and away the best skilled actor to play the role. But then again his films were new when I was at the right age, so it could be that.

      Fanboi, because I am.

      1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge
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        Re: Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

        Another vote for Timothy Dalton here. Perhaps not as good as Connery in his first four or five outings ("From Russia with Love" is still just about at the top of my favourites list, with "Thunderball" not far behind), but definitely better than any of the others.

        However, I regard the new ones with Daniel Craig as being a reboot, and nothing to do with what has gone before. In that light, I quite enjoy the new films (except for the slightly over-the-top finale to "Quantum" - seriously, does anyone really dislike the chase through the horse-race?).

    4. Patrick R

      Pierce Brosnan.

      Catching up with a plane in free fall on a motorbike. Any decent actor should have looked plausible.

    5. L.B.

      Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

      Probably on my own here, but my fave bond was George Lazenby.

      He played Bond well, help significantly by having the best leading lady played by Diana Rigg and a decent villain played by Telly Savalas.

      Plus, probably best theme music of any film made, performed by Louis Armstrong.

      1. Michael Xion

        Re: Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

        Have to agree with this. Always thought OHMSS was one of the best. Made Bond an actual person as well with the whole fallign in love and new bride getting murdered. Plus, love the opening ski sequence.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re: Anonymous because this wont be popular, but...

        Who cares who's playing Bond if you've got Diana Rigg? Phwoar!

  5. Mr Larrington


    Daniel Craig is so wooden he makes Keanu Reeves look like Laurence Olivier.

    1. John Sturdy
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Meh!

      But that might be realistic for a spy, as I realized when QoS came out.

      "The name's Putin, Vlad Putin".

  6. El Zorro

    It all went downhill after goldeneye

    A true Bond film is only as good as it's title sequence

  7. Shonko Kid

    Sign of the times

    It's inevitable with any 'series' that has been around for so long. Each era of Bond was a product of it's time, what Cubby thought the cinema going punters were after, and that has changed an awful lot since the 60s. You could no more make another Dr No today than you could Carry on Camping. Hell, even the cheesy 70s/80s Roger Moore films are good when taken in context.

    Besides, the best Bond was Lazenby surely? "Well, this never happened to that other fella.."

  8. The Original Steve


    Been laid up after knee problems the last month and will be housebound for the next 2 months at least to.

    As such im doing a bond marathon after getting the collection in blu-ray. The difference between bond films before Craige is so stark its like QoS and Casino Royale and completely different from the rest.

    Ditch Craige and give me back guns, women, gadgets and cheese please.

  9. magnetik

    Not too keen on Craig myself. It's mind boggling that he can't drive a manual transmission car, and was slightly absurd listening to his English accent in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" when every other actor and actress made an effort to speak in a Swedish accent.

  10. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

    Shurely shome mishtake?

    Everybody knows that Bob Holness was the best James Bond.

  11. fixit_f

    Craig is a bloody awful Bond IMHO, it's not that he's a bad actor - he just doesn't fit the role.

    And yes, bring back the good old silly implausible Bonds. Explosions, stupid gadgets, cringeworthy one liners, the lot. If I wanted gritty and real I'd go to the Arts cinema.

    1. ravenviz

      And the camp names, e.g. Ivana Humpalot. Or was that Austin Powers?

  12. Wilseus

    I'd always thought Craig would make a brilliant Bond ever since I saw him in Layer Cake. AFAIK he wasn't even in the running at that point.

    All I need now is for Bill Nighy to play the next Doctor Who :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: All I need now is for Bill Nighy to play the next Doctor Who :)

      That would be genius!

      1. Michael Xion

        Re: RE: All I need now is for Bill Nighy to play the next Doctor Who :)

        I'd actually watch Dr Who if Bill Nighy was the doctor.

        1. chr0m4t1c

          Re: Re: RE: All I need now is for Bill Nighy to play the next Doctor Who :)

          I still want Joanna Lumley to play the Doctor.

          If nothing else, it'll give the Doctor/River relationship an entirely new dimension.

    2. Lamont Cranston

      Oh, please!

      Like we need any more of Bill Nighy on telly.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Bring back...

    Ursula Andress and all will be forgiven...

    1. NoneSuch

      Re: Bring back...

      They did. Her name is Halle Berry and that modernization was very easy on the eyes.

  14. The Jase

    Lazenby had the best storyline for character development. He was therefore the best Bond.

  15. Richard Bragg

    Bond in the cinema should be fantasy

    and ideally aimed at a family audience or more family than the later films. I want Bond to be slightly silly with lots of gadgets and that tongue in cheek plot line.

    And David Niven was the best Bond.

  16. the-it-slayer

    Same old situation...

    The older complain because the series is never like it was, and the younger love it because they can't compare/contrast.

    IMHO, a block of cheese would done a better job than Pierce Brosnan. He made the films such an excruciating experience and ruined my appreciation for the JB series. Casino Royale revived that appreciation, but maybe people are expecting too much from Daniel.

  17. Martin Huizing

    Am I the first to say it?

    Sean Connery was, by far, the best James Bond ever to grace the silver screen. Ever! No Exception!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    no doctor

    They have been a yawnfest for years. Probably why they struggled to get this one funded.

    We need someone that projects a bit of metrosexual ambiguity in the role and can do the gags.

    I think the big bloke out of little britain would be a great Bond. The bald one could be blofelt .

    To be honest I think most of the budget nowadays goes on telling us 'bond is back! etc etc.

  19. Audrey S. Thackeray

    I like Craig's Casino Royale

    And bits of Quantum of Solace were good too - although the finest moment it produced was the Joe Cornish version of the theme song

    I met a lovely lady, but found out she was a rotter,

    So we exchanged some saucy quips, I snogged her, then I shot her.

    I want a quantum of solace but no more than a quantum,

    I know they do big bags of solace, but I don't want 'em,

    I only want a teeny tiny piece of solace,

    Before I shoot you.

    It's on YouTube

    1. foo_bar_baz

      Re: I like Craig's Casino Royale

      How do you get those links in, dagnabbit?!

      1. Silverburn

        Re: Re: I like Craig's Casino Royale

        Them be the El Reg Commentard privileges...If I told you, I'd need to kill you.

  20. ColonelClaw

    Opinion alert

    I know this totally goes against the grain of modern thinking, but personally, my favourite Bond film is 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.

    It's got the best opening stunt, an awesome title song, a brilliant soundtrack, Rodge at the peak of his powers, classic exotic locations such as Egypt, a fantastic bad guy in Jaws, some unforgettable set pieces such as a supertanker that swallows a submarine and an underwater villan's lair, and lastly but most importantly, the most unfeasably hot Bond girl of all time in Barbara Bach.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Opinion alert

      And the best bond car - the plausible underwater Lotus Esprit

    2. Cmdr.Straker

      Re: Opinion alert

      Rog's movies also had the best cheesy dialog ever. In TSWLM opening sequence at the ski lodge: Babe: "But James, I need you", JB: "So does England". Classic.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just stop flogging the dead horse

    Sean Connery IS/WAS James Bond and the rest were just pale imitations. Time to let the franchise rest in peace and stop with the remakes already.

  22. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Okay gentlemen, your gadget ideas please!

    May I hijack this thread, and ask you Reg readers for your ideas on what new Q-Branch gadgets 007 might have in future films?

    [Original spy gadgets were tiny radios and tiny cameras... now that we all have devices in our pockets that can snap a top secret war-plan and send it around the world, what would it take to bring the magic back to JB's gizmos?]

  23. btone

    ALL the James Bonds in the ORIGINAL Casino Royale (including Woody Allen as little Jimmy Bond) were better than Craigo. And Dahlia Lavi would have eaten him alive...

    shaken, not stirred...

  24. Synja

    I liked Casino Royale, didn't care for QoS.

    I don't think it was Craig's fault though, a crap movie can't be saved by an actor.

  25. George Nacht

    Looking for conflict where there is none?

    No point in arguing who was the best/only true Bond. The character of Bond was molded over generations by several actors, of which each one added something to the final image.

    Connery created the new, unusual kind of hero, and would he done nothing else in his career, I would love him still.

    George Lazenby contributed a fact, that even Bond must be played by real actor. Also, kilt.

    Roger Moore gave Bond something invaluable: A humor.

    Timothy Dalton turned the spy into action hero.

    Pierce Brosnan actually made him more believable, by openly admiting how he enjoys being a bit of an asshole. Also, he is a good actor, his accent or whatever be damned.

    And Daniel Craig gave us, so far, a perfect presentation of the origin story. He is a very good Bond, standing on shoulders of several previous good Bonds. I am lookng forward Skyfall, I really do. And stupid gadgets and mood-killing oneliners can be unplugged from life suport, as they should be twenty years ago, thank you very much.

  26. Super Fast Jellyfish

    Jumped the shark

    or in the Bond Movie universe the invisible car with the last PB film - not that it was his fault.

    they had to reboot it after that - were else were they going to go after the invisible car - a map of Hogworts ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Spectre headquarters?

    +1 for TD - especially with his accent!

    where's the shark icon when you need one?

  27. Richard Wharram

    +1 for Roger Moore

    His films didn't take themselves too seriously and, unlike all the others, he could deliver a one-liner without making you want to punch him in the face.

    Serious action films my arse.

  28. The Jase




  29. Gobhicks


    ... just amazing, that anyone even cares about James Bond in C21...

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