back to article Spam crashes to historic low as malware explodes on mobiles

The volume of malware samples detected by McAfee passed the 75 million milestone late last year, the Intel-owned security firm reported this week. Although the release of new malware slowed in Q4 2011, mobile malware continued to increase albeit from a low base. Android was by far the most targeted platform with 400 new …


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  1. Ian Davies
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    Shorter McAfee...

    We *really* wish Mac and iOS users needed to buy our products...

  2. R 16

    McAfee cant detect crap

    McAfee shouldnt even make statements. Their antivirus sux period. The decline in any virus activity could just be a sign that they laid people off and are now even more suckier of a AV company.

  3. CompuGuide
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    Not what I have observed

    Strange, I would have said, from my experiences that spam seems to be on the rise over the past couple of months...

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    McAfee is irrelevant

    I have seen a surge in spam the past month. No need to waste my time with words. Picture is worth a thousand words.

  5. Chris Glen-smith

    "Despite the drop in global levels, spear-phishing and spam are as dangerous as ever,"

    Yes, well, they are hardly going to say "...dropped to irelevent levels so they is no need to buy our products any more.".

    Anyway like others here fron the odd occasion I take a peek in my Yahoo spam folder there seems to be as much spam as ever.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, I'm doing my bit... I reported my 200,000th spam message to spamcop last week.

    No noticable reduction here yet, apart from predictable xmas period and weekends.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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