back to article RIM rolls out PlayBook OS2 update

Research in Motion launched its refreshed tablet operating system today, with the BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 now available for download. The news is a relief for PlayBook owners who are finally privy to standard tablet functionality such as e-mail, calendar and contacts apps. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook The BlackBerry Bridge app …


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  1. Hooksie

    Hands up who gives a shit

    No? No-one? Thought not. RIM are dead, dead I tell you!

    1. xenny

      Re: Hands up who gives a shit

      I'm pleased it's out. I've got a Playbook and really rather like it. Proper flash, really decent performance, very good speakers, especially compared to an iPad, nice multi tasking interface, and a size that suits me better than a 10" tablet.

      The lack of apps is frustrating compared to Android, so it'll be interesting to see how many developers repackage their apps for the blackberry store.

  2. Ol'Peculier
    Thumb Up


    I do.

    It's a great little device, I picked up a 65GB version for 260 quid last month, video and audio playback is superb, fits in my jacket pocket and with the new update is sat next to my PC showing email.

    It might not have the apps that Apple and Android have, but then again how much is a 64GB iPad?

  3. Silverburn

    Too little...

    ...too late.

    Then again, they're less than £200 now, aren't they? Hmm. Maybe.

  4. DrXym Silver badge

    Waiting for mine

    RIM were giving away Playbooks to Android developers who submitted an app to their store so I'm quite happy to take one off their hands.

    Submitting an app is a bit of a pain to be honest (why does every store require different size thumbnails, icons and other paraphenalia?) but I'll happily support my app in return for a free tablet.

    Biggest issue at the moment is the Playbook Simulator suffers serious painting issues so it's impossible to adequately test apps work before submitting them. Hope they fix the issue soon.

  5. Hooksie

    So that's 4 then

    Actually, no, just 3.

    A BlackBerry device that actually gets email??? Getdafuckouttahere!!! ;)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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