back to article Australia to make health research open access

While America seriously considers the insane Research Works Act (banning the open publication of publicly-funded research), Australia is moving in the other direction. Its National Health and Medical Research Council has announced that all funded research will be made available to the public starting July. Without detailing …


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  1. Bush_rat
    Thumb Up

    Seems Fair

    I'm all for that, I personally wouldn't have an IMEDIATE use for such information, but im sure those of the medical profession would see this as a god send. What I'm hoping is that this becomes a running theme and other info is published. It was a rough start, but the government has been good as of late, I'm looking forward to the NBN. Yes I'm an Aussie from down unda!

  2. andro

    This is refreshing news! I hope the license is well thought out, but this will do a lot of people a lot of good.

    1. Stephen 10

      This sort of thing should be across the board

      After all, govenments always fail when they try to commercialise the info themselves and usually it just ends up in a silo, rotting.

      Well done to them.

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