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Developed mobile ecosystems are all well and good but a marketplace with over a third of a million apps raises one significant problem – how to discover new and worthwhile stuff. AppAware – which underwent a complete redesign late last year – aims to make finding essential and interesting apps more of a pleasure by providing …


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  1. Ralph B

    Yebbut ...

    How are we going to choose which app-choice app to choose?

  2. Haku

    That was an appalling sub-title.

    You should appologise.

    1. bluesxman

      Re: That was an appalling sub-title.

      Funny, I thought it rather appropriate.

      1. Jedit


        It was definitely quite appt.

        1. Martin Silver badge


          I appreciated it.

          1. Haku

            I wasn't too 'appy about it myself.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Looks an absolute mess.

    80% really? What's wrong with the Google Market? I find it a doddle to find what I want. You do know you can sideways slide to see whats trending etc???

  4. Peter Bond


    It's the bookmark feature I like - you can use it to mark interesting-sounding apps to download and fiddle with when you next have a dull moment. Good recommendation.

  5. h3

    The Google Market is awful to use. (Most of the best apps I have I found out elsewhere).

    Guess it might be ok if you want what the most people want.

    But most people have no taste in anything which is where the problem lies. (It is the same with Music / TV / Films / Newspapers / Books / Apps anything the ones that do the best commercially are never the ones I want - I am aware that by definition those things are the ones most people want doesn't make it any easier for me though).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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