back to article T-Mobile clams up over Full Monty 'speed-cap' claims

T-Mobile has rejected claims that its Full Monty tariff has a 1Mb/s speed cap, but has refused to discuss whether there is a higher limit on the plan. The operator served up the Full Monty over two weeks ago, as a rival to Three's all-you-can-eat One Plan, but has been dogged by claims that there is a cap on the speed at which …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's Everylie Everytime! Of course they will keep tight lipped over speed restrictions.

    You just can not believe a word they say!

  2. The Restorer

    They're right...

    I mean I left T-Mobile a couple of months ago because funnily everytime, everywhere I speed tested my 3G connection it'd max out at 1/3rd of that 1Mb/s!

    1. LarsG

      Re: They're right...

      This is not a surprise is it!

  3. Peter Galbavy

    It's not true. I am on a SIM only Solo tariff and it's limited to 3g (450kb/sec ish) speed. They do this to try to sell "mobile broadband" add-ons to us sheople.

    Don't trust a single weasel word their marketing and PR people utter.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You know, if they gave me sixty minutes a month, sixty texts a month and ten gig of data, I'd be happy as larry.

    Course, my current contract is unlimited, and I have hit over three gig on it.... I'm still considering going SIM only this time so I can keep the contract.

  5. Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt
    Thumb Down

    They've confirmed that there's no 1Mb/sec limit, but they haven't confirmed that it's above that.

    When 3G first went national in the UK it was circa 384kbit/sec, I wouldn't be surprised if they limited us all to that or something like 512kbit :/

  6. jonathan rowe

    Carry on asking questions

    Is the cap 1.01 mbps? - NO

    Is the cap 1.02 mbps? - NO


    1. Tapeador

      Re: Carry on asking questions

      Aha, but is it 1.0127449781Mb/s, fluctuating between that and another number/series of numbers?

  7. Stuart Halliday

    Pretty obvious they are hidding an imposed cap-limit from their customers. Auld Scots saying if it smells of sh#t, it probably is sh#t...

  8. Graham Lockley

    >You know, if they gave me sixty minutes a month, sixty texts a month and ten gig of data, I'd be happy as larry.

    I was about to leave T-mob (on contract) because of their merger with that bunch of thieves known as Orange. Got passed to retentions (what a surprise) and ended up with a sim-only deal of 100 mins and 100 texts and 'unlimited' data for £5.50 a month. Ok so the data (in theory) is 2gb but in practice I have bust that at times and not seen any penalties.

  9. Tapeador

    Their language

    leaves open the possibility the cap is 997Kb/s or 1.01Mb/s, or fluctuates between similar numbers.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    just maybe they are fractionally more honest than Hard Dish and Flash manufacturers and give you a whole mebibit/second (1048576 bits/second).

    I would love those suppliers to be forced to use IEC units, A Tebibyte HDD is 9.95% bigger than a Terabyte.

    It'll never happen of course, the dodgy guys have been getting away with this since the days of claiming 65K memory in their CP/M machines.

    1. hazydave

      Re: Maybe

      Actually, the HDD makers are using IEC units... they spec in GB or MB... not really their problem if you are expecting them to actually mean GiB or MiB. The power-of-two units are a natural measure only for DRAM sizes, not HDD or communications speeds.

      As for wireless speed caps, if you're on wireless, 3G or 4G, you have some kind of cap. I see 15-20Mb/s downloads on my LTE phone, but never more. Why not... the protocol supports better than twice that. If you're on HSPA, any old device should deliver 7Mb/s, twice that or better for HSPA+. Sure, you'll never see that on a busy workday, but when its just you and you phone at 3AM... there's probably still a throttle there.

      I might believe a carrier who claims it's not 1Mb/s. But if they say none at all, they're not being honest. Which is the expectation anyway...

  11. gautam

    You guys dont get it

    Its publicity on the cheap.

    Dont you know, ANy publicity is good publicity?

    Who'd have thought that T-Mobile have suddenly become more charitable and altruistic?

  12. Oor Nonny-Muss

    Good to see OFCOM....

    ... really sticking it to them.

    OFCOM *hopes*.

    I do too, but I suspect in vain.

  13. William Gallafent

    They certainly do cap many other tariffs, don't know about tfm …

    There's a recent rundown at of the various different caps applied to their myriad data tariffs. The cap can be as low as 384kb/s, perhaps 0.9Mb/s or 1.8Mb/s, or even uncapped if you pay enough for the right tariff.

    So it's possible that The Full Monty is uncapped, but it's also possible that it is capped. None of the tariffs that are capped mention that they are capped anywhere on the main T-Mobile website (as opposed to user reports on the forum), so the absence of a mention does not mean that a tariff is not capped. In other words, T-Mobile is not exactly forthcoming with information about the cap on a given tariff, and the best (i.e. only reliable) way to find out is to test.

    Just to be clear, the FAIL icon is for T-Mobile's failure to indicate the level of speed caps to (potential) on its website either before or after a contract has been purchased. Oh yes, and for the absence of knowledge about any of this on the part of most of the Customer Service staff.

    1. William Gallafent
      Big Brother

      Re: They certainly do cap many other tariffs, don't know about tfm …

      Here's a shorturl for those that were annoyed by the linebreaks:

    2. William Gallafent

      Missing Word Round

      “(potential)” -> “(potential) customers” …

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