back to article Philips intros dual-view telly tech

Philips went tellytastic today and revealed a vast range of TV sets, several of which include the dual-view display mode that essentially makes splitscreen gaming redundant. The Philips 6000 and 7000 series are double sided Ambilight LED-lit tellies with Smart TV, built-in Wi-Fi and dual screen capabilities. Similar to the …


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  1. Thomas 18
    Thumb Down


    I like how the actors arn't wearing dorky 3D glasses in the photoshoot while clearly implying she is enjoying a show about shoes and he is enjoying something else.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: glasses

      Never heard of polarising contact lenses?

    2. Chris Miller

      I agree

      It always bugs* me that publicity images of electronic kit never show the power leads, let alone the plethora of trailing wires that most of these devices require. (I know, you can bury them in the walls, but I don't fancy remodelling the living room every time I get a new TV.)

      Yes, I really must get out more.

      1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

        I don't

        If you have even the remotest of DIY skills there is really no need, nay, no EXCUSE to have any cable visible or lying around. A quick fix is the use of cable trunking, a better idea is to plan the installation. OK; admittedly you have to buy that from a larger provider because the likes of DIY shops only sell split hose crap, but a simple cable trunk performs miracles in cleaning up cable messes without preventing any later alterations. When it comes to routing power and connectivity from a distance, hollow skirting boards are *made* for this.

        If you want to see an example of very usable trunking, the RS Components websites has plenty, follow the path "Cables & Wires/Cable Conduit, Trunking & Routing/Cable Trunkings" - I use the 35x35 open finger black ones a lot..

        BTW, I always run a cable for ethernet - WiFi is for guests and iThings.

        Thank you, and Good Night.

        1. Chris Miller

          Re: I don't

          Fair points, but I was thinking more of the TV halfway up the wall with no visible means of support. I know this is technically possible, but I prefer to think of my telly as something I put in my house, rather than something I build my house around. YMMV

  2. Robert E A Harvey


    Didn't Range Rover have a dual view system about 3 years ago? No specs required?

    Parallax barrier technology, that was it.

    1. Shades

      Re: Pah!

      Yes, and Jaguar, but that works because the two people viewing the display are sitting at two very distinct, and widely separated, angles a few feet away from the screen.

  3. Neil Porter


    Do the glasses have headphones built in or do you have to hear both programmes at the same time?

    1. Ralph B

      Re: Sound?

      Oh yes, along with the 3D glasses you'll have to wear the patented ear-trumpets.

      (I'm just waiting for 3D smellovision.)

      1. Andrew Baines Silver badge

        Re: Re: Sound?

        Nice romantic evening in - have to sit at opposite ends of the sofa, wearing geeky glasses and headphones.

        1. Shades

          Re: Re: Re: Sound?

          "Nice romantic evening in"

          So your idea of a romantic evening in is either playing video games or watching something totally different to what the other person is watching? I can see the appeal of not having to watch that trite and clichéd rom-com for the nth time, while you watch Top Gear, but thats not going to go down to well with the other half... especially when all she wants to do is "cuddle" and you're waffling on about the Top Gear trios latest shenanigans!

          "have to sit at opposite ends of the sofa"

          Why? The polarised glasses negate the need for physical separation between the viewers, unlike the systems in Range Rovers and Jaguars mentioned above.

        2. Jamie Kitson

          Re: Re: Re: Sound?

          Why at opposite ends of the sofa if they have glasses?

  4. DrXym

    The snakeoil is strong in this PR

    "which also converts 2D to 3D and offers full 3D depth adjustment"

    Yeah right. More likely is there will be some crude effect produced by calculating relative motion in a scene and attempting to assign a depth to it. At best it will look like cardboard cutouts, at worst it won't do anything except give you a headache.

    As for dual view. That's great for games, but how does it work for other signals. Does the box have two tuners then, or is one view one input and the other view another? What if they're different resolutions or framerates or codecs? What about the sound output from each view? Is each viewer subjected to the audio from both channels or do these "passive" glasses need headphones (kind of rendering the passive bit moot) etc.

  5. Jean-Paul

    Oh finally

    I'm loving the system in our RR, and would love to have it in the lounge so I can play game whilst my wife is watching her soaps....Can't wait.

  6. Hooksie

    I'm confused

    As to why you guys aren't getting this? It's not about sending Coronation Street to 1 viewer and F1 to the other, although there's TECHNICALLY no real barrier to that it would, as has been pointed out, require dual tuners and separate audio channels. This is about gaming. It's using the same technology that allows the 3D to work but in a different way so that 2 separate viewers can see 2 distinct 2D images.

    Sounds like a great wee gimmik and will probably make me buy one because the PS3TV is too small. But it's not to watch 2 TV shows at once, that's a wee bit away yet.

    1. dogged

      Re: I'm confused

      Is the dual-view gubbins 3D only? That would kill it for me.

  7. Kleykenb

    saved marriages

    I truly hope they aren't just going to limit the possibilities to Split-Screen gaming for that is not going to change my marriage.

    What I need is the ability to watch a different channel from my wife on the same screen.

    So that I can watch The News or Sports while she watches ... well.. crap, really.

    Imagine how many marriages that would save !

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: saved marriages

      And what about the sound from the two different channels at once?

      Just got a Philips 6806 - very nice picture and Philips have put some thought into tidy cabling, although mine's still a mess as it's not in its final destination.

  8. jolly

    Now we just need games producers to give us back the two player (player vs player) games they they've stopped making in recent years (split screen seems to have been dropped in favour of the "more sociable" online gaming). I put "more sociable" in quotes cause they say it is (not my words).

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