back to article Elonex to set up tech fab in Coleshill, create 400 jobs

Elonex is importing manufacturing equipment from China to a facility based in Coleshill, just outside Birmingham, in order to assemble tech products locally. The move has been subsidised by a £2m government grant, a £6m government-guaranteed banking facility and £2m from Elonex shareholders. The 140,000 ft2 production and R&D …


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  1. Audrey S. Thackeray

    Good news.

    I trust the Reg will keep us informed of which products are assembled at this facility so we can make informed purchasing choices.

    1. Geoff May

      Re: Good news.

      Looks like they sell at most major stores, click here to see for yourself.

      1. Audrey S. Thackeray

        Re: Re: Good news.

        Mmm. But it sounds like they'll be assembling all sorts of things there, not just their own brand products.

  2. ElNumbre
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    Coventry Pie

    Wonder if Raspberry Pi will be able to shift manufacturing to the UK as they originally wanted.

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    2. Scarborough Dave

      Re: Coventry Pie

      Re: Coventry Pie #

      No Raspberry pi to be made in UK, unless the UK government changes import duty rules.

      Currently the Pi would require duty being paid on each and every individual component in the unit.

      If you import the unit as whole, the duty is less as it is classed as one import component (as such)

      The is more on the issue here

      1. Emo

        Re: Re: Coventry Pie

        Easier for the crystal shortage too ;)

  3. Jelliphiish
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    fondleslab firmware fail.

    I purchased one of their 1000et android tablets. checked the site, there was an upgrade to 2.2 *without flash*. And they've done nothing to improve it since. No replies to support site requests or email.

    i've looked for clone firmware updates.. like the ZT180 and there's nothing either.. and i've no idea how to sort that side of things myself.. wouldn't know where to begin.

    -1NPS and quite unhappy with their support. or rather the lack of it.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Subsidy farmers

    stay until the subsidy runs out, then clear off.

  5. Andus McCoatover

    Not on the Foleshill Rd., Coventry? Is it Denco's old site??

    Gawd, I remember going into a factory with my boss to sell them (Denco) an inductance analyser.

    Impressive, but old building.

    Gobsmacked wasn't the word. Two geriatrics making - by hand - transformers using (as it appeared) rudimentarily converted Singer sewing machines.

    Can't be the same site, surely. When we visited, it was raining, and water was running off the walls. Inside.

    1. PotNoodle

      Re: Not on the Foleshill Rd., Coventry? - Not exactly...

      According to Coventry Council's website, the new Elonex site is in Coleshill, which isn't actually in Coventry at all.

  6. rpjs


    ... that's not something you see every day.

  7. Vic


    > The labour cost [delta] is negligible when you factor in freight, reverse logistics and import duty

    Are they mad?

    I buy quite a bit of stuff from China. Most of it is reasonable, some of it is shit, very little is truly excellent.

    But it costs less (including delivery) than it would cost to ship it back. Even if the labour cost were irrelevant - and I really think they're talking bullshit there - the assorted other charges just don't leave it viable.

    British manufacturing needs to be revived - the City's financial bubble won't last forever - but it seems entirely bogus just to ignore the relative costs of UK/China production...


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