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On paper, there's very little to like about The Darkness II. Take your character Jackie Estacado, for starters. Even before taking into account the unspeakable evil to which he is host, few gaming protagonists are as monstrously unsympathetic as the contract killer turned mob boss. The Darkness II Hit the fairground Then …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Horrible horrible game

    Downloaded the demo thinking it will be some silly zombie game. But turned to be quite a shock. This is a first person torture fest. Your character get realistically tortured and maimed then you have the opportunity to maim and torture others. After killing your victim, you rip open their chest to eat their hearts. Very charming.

    Then you have incessant f bombs in the game. Every minute someone f's you up. Didn't know people even make psychotic games like this. This is the most violent game I have played.

    BTW the graphics are really lame, maybe making it anywhere close to the current best will make people puke at their TV. A game for wannabe psychopaths. A tracking device should be implanted on anyone buying games like this.

    1. OrientalHero

      Re: Horrible horrible game

      lol, IIRC in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, sacrifices are dropped into lava pits and their hearts are ripped out to the calls of Kali Maa!

      So no, it's doesn't sound particularly gruesome or horrible.

      Now Manhunt on the PS2... that was disturbing.

      Whilst an involuntary participant in a "Snuff Movie" (having been secretly rescued from a death row execution), you get the director (excellently played by Brian Cox) whispering in your ear (if you had the PS2 headset mic) about what excellent material you were providing him with in your quest to escape. Utilising things like plastic bags, crowbars, baseball bats etc it was quite a cinematic experience.

      All 18 rated of course!

    2. GhostSeven

      Re: Horrible horrible game

      Thanks, you just did a nice job of making me go out and get the game. Oh how I long for violence that makes me puke at my TV.

  2. GitMeMyShootinIrons

    I read the title and thought this was about the reunion of Justin Hawkins so-called Glam Rock band.

    I was mistaken.

  3. jestersbro

    Yes it's horrible...

    The plain truth is that as horrible as it is if it's like the first one I'll end up really happy when I get to rip out and devour the still beating heart of some scumbag. The first game was massively flawed and too short but FUN!

    Those of us grown up enough to have jobs, families and an outlook on life that doesn't involve hiding from bogey men do enjoy an occaisional bout of controlled terror, even if we're dishing it out :-)

    So slap a tracking device on me so you'll know when I'm on my way round to yours to eat your heart and rip your spine out yer bum!

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