back to article Mobile customers still sprout in Aus

Despite heated competition and with an ailing third competitor in Vodafone, Australia’s dominant mobile carriers continue to cram customers onto their networks. In Singapore Telecom’s regional results, Optus performed well on mobile acquisition with continued expansion. Total mobile customers grew by 182,000 to 9.41 million, …


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  1. borkbork

    Optus are going to lose a customer...

    ...come contract renewal time if they don't alleviate some of their oversubscription issues. Maybe try adding bandwidth to cell sites, put towers closer together, and increase the capacity of their internet gateway(s)? Coverage isn't everything anymore, capacity is a big deal these days too.

  2. Kilgaard

    Telstra = 13.18m

    Optus = 9.41m

    Population of Australia = 22.83m

    The big two account for ~99% of the total population?

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  4. Stephen Mullan 1

    Telstra Suffering Too

    Telstra has not fared well in adding all the subscribers, their network saturation in CBS is way over, they are suffering, we have 200 3G cards with them and over the last few months they are all complaining about how slow they are now. And Telstra, say try 4G, and refuse to admit issues.

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