back to article Sun hacks cuffed after being DOBBED IN by News Corp

Scotland Yard released five Sun journalists on bail at the weekend after they arrested the hacks on suspicion of corruption and aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office. The latest round of arrests at Rupert Murdoch's flagship tabloid brings the total number of people cuffed at that newspaper to nine. The Met also …


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  1. John Lewis 4

    What we need is a Corporate Death Penalty

    So as focus the minds of Shareholders if their Companies' Officers behave illegally.

    Otherwise Limited Liability extends to culpability for Criminal Acts as well.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Corporation - noun

      An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.

      (Ambrose Bierce)

  2. Pinkerton

    What's the betting...

    ...That The Sun will start whining and bitching that the public are unfairly judging those that have been arrested before any evidence has even been heard in court?

    I bet "weird"*, "lewd"*, "creepy"*, "angry"* & "disturbing"* Chris Jefferies must be pissing himself laughing at the brass-necked hypocrisy of the situation.

    I just wish that the media wasn't such a closed-shop and that a few titles would break ranks and do a hatchet job on those arrested - dredge up every last element of their past and then retell them out of context and in sinister tones.

    * (c) 2011 The Sun.

    1. Andy 75
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      Closest you can get to that is the Private Eye. It doesn't seem to consider "fellow press" as sacrosanct and that includes the owners of the papers as well as the people who work there.

      The main problem is that the Eye doesn't hold anything sacred and so eventually every reader is offended by something. Subscribers just have enough of a thick skin, sense of proportion or sense of humour to keep going.

      1. Jedit Silver badge

        "Eventually, every Eye reader is offended by something"

        In my experience, Eye readers are mostly only offended by the behaviours they read about in its pages. That said, you're not a real Eye reader until you've cancelled your subscription at least once.

    2. Graham Marsden
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      We have already had the Associate Editor of the Sun, Trevor Kavanagh, moaning about the "Witch Hunt" and whinging that "Instead of being called in for questioning, 30 journalists have been needlessly dragged from their beds in dawn raids, arrested and held in police cells while their homes are ransacked,"

      "Wives and children have been humiliated as up to 20 officers at a time rip up floorboards and sift through intimate possessions, love letters and entirely private documents."

      Of course if the people involved had been suspected of being terrorists or paedophiles I have little doubt that his paper would be lauding the brave Police for "swooping" in "coordinated dawn raids" as concerned neighbours looked on (having been told, of course, by the noble Police that they're wrong'uns) whilst the suspects (who should be presumed innocent) are hauled away in handcuffs for questioning and their computers are seized to be searched for the incriminating material they no doubt contain...

      1. Matt Siddall

        The point being

        If the people involved were terrorists, then there might be an actual danger to someone, so justifying dawn raids, etc. In this case, surely the purpose would be served just as well by the police showing up at 10am and showing some degree of respect to those arrested - after all, "innocent unless proven guilty" ?

        1. Jim Morrow

          the dawn raids have a purpose. first, it assures the public that the cops are at long last mounting a proper investigation into the conduct of murdoch's shit-sheets. [hopefully the rest of the tabloids will get the same treatment in due course.] second, it's telling those who have been arrested so far (and those who have still to be arrested) that they will be treated as criminal suspects. they're not going to get invited for nice chat down the local nick at a time that suits them. the cosy days of handing over brown envelopes and nice dinners are definitely over.

          if, as seems likely, those arrested have been acting in concert (ie a conspiracy), it makes sense for the cops to arrest all the suspects at the same time: less opportunity to destroy evidence or collude to get their stories straight.

          btw, ask the people who have been monstered by the tabloids about "innocent unless proven guilty". it seems only fair that the cops return some of the treatment tabloid hacks have dished out to others.

  3. cocknee

    Ha bloody ha!

    Made me chuckle, a lot.

    Totally agree with Pinkerton, especially after the indignation of that git Trevor Kavanagh complaining "30 journalists have been needlessly dragged from their beds in dawn raids, arrested and held in police cells while their homes are ransacked" and "Wives and children have been humiliated"

    Makes a bloody change for the shoe to be on the other foot doesn't it. How many lives has your paper (and that filth the News of the World" needlessly turned upside down. Shouting about the freedom of the press and the public interest defence is falling on deaf ears. As often said, what's of interest to the public, is not always in the public interest.

    Hung by your own petards.

    Of course, innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law in front of your peers. Go see Pinkerton's comments.

    Tough shite, resign, resign, resign!

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Edited for clarity...

      Innocent until proven guilty unless The ***(insert name of poorly written tabloid rag here)*** decides otherwise...

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

    3. Tom 38

      Kavanagh complained they were treated like a criminal gang

      Where as in fact they were a grouping of individuals who come together to allegedly commit criminal offences in collusion with bent coppers whom they bribed to interfere in police inquiries.

      IE, nothing like a criminal gang. It is upsetting to these criminals^Hjournalists to be treated in this way.

  4. Jelliphiish

    witch hunt

    They sure were selling a lot of papers to a lot of people.. That would imply some complicity.. I can't believe the people purchasing the chip-rags hadn't figured there had to be some underhand shenanigans fueling the daily dirt.. nobody cared then.. I'd be surprised if the people buying them now care either.

  5. peter 45
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    according to the sun

    What arrests?

    There's accurate and impartial journalism for you.

    Still this news was probably pushed off the top slot by the 5 page spread of the worst possible pictures of Whitney Houston. Respectful journalism at its very best.

  6. g e

    Operation Sunset

    Would have been a better name

    If only that rag would implode under the weight of its own banality... but what would The Lowest Common Demoninator (tm) do for tits, football and politically-biased tittle tattle then ?

    1. Chris Miller

      Be fair

      The Daily Star makes The Sun read like 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society'.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Philosophical Transactions, The Daily Star and The Sun do have something in common.

        They all rely on the intelligence of their readership to stay successful.

  7. Is it me?

    I may not like the Sun

    or for that matter Woopert, but the world is a better place with the Sun than without it. Look at the alternatives.

    The Sun was put in a position of power by its readers, its owners exploited that, but for all the harm it has done, it's done as much, if not more good.

    Just remember, it used to be said "I thought my wife was having an affair, but then I read it in the Sun and knew it was Bo**ocks".

    Lets keep the Sun, its popular appeal, and improve the quality of its journalism.

    Still not going to read it though. Sticking to my Grauniad.

    1. peter 45


      "Look at the alternatives" Like the alternative of having Journalists who are *not* a bunch of amoral scum-sucking trotters who get their stories by amoral and illegal methods you mean?

      "but for all the harm it has done, it's done as much, if not more good". And that is a good excuse or a get-of-of-jail-free card is it? Good thing that the rest of us don't subscribe to the "you are fine just as long as you some good" morality.

      P.S. I understand that Cock-fighting used to be a very popular sport. Should we have kept that 'cos it was popular?

      1. Chris Miller

        Peter, like 'Is it me?', I don't care much for The Sun's journalistic style. But if you want journalism that proceeds only by 'moral and legal' means, you will have news that consists solely of recycled press releases. Make no mistake, where laws have been broken, those responsible should be punished, allowing for suitable mitigation where genuine 'public interest' defences can be mounted. But without illegal methods we would know nothing of MPs' expenses, to take just one recent example. And that's very much the way a lot of rich and powerful people would like it.

        If this type of behaviour is shown to have been confined only to News International publications, I'll eat my copy of The Guardian (without relish).

        1. Jim Morrow

          > you will have news that consists solely of recycled press releases

          that already accounts for the overwhelming amount of what's called "news" these days.

          very few reporters actually gather news or break stories any more. they don't have the time and their employers don't have the budget. what ends up in our mass media are rewritten press releases, recycled wire copy and pr agent supplied showbiz gossip. read "flat earth news" by nick davies.

    2. cocknee
      Big Brother

      Sorry, good???? please have some examples.

      There's far more examples of gutter journalism by it and it's dead Sunday stablemate.

      It's poisonous treatment of tittle-tattle without regard for human dignity, truth, fairness, truth, facts, truth (again) makes it an odourous rag. It's high and mighty attitude about being a force for good is so lame.

      I for one wouldn't lament it's demise, there are a few other titles that would be best to go the same way too.

  8. EddieD

    You have been warned...

    Remember to be really nice to Mr Orlowski from now on :)

  9. Winkypop Silver badge

    "Lets keep the Sun, ..... and improve the quality of its journalism."

    They employ journalists at the Sun?

    Who knew?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Your Nicked Sun !

    Nice to see them have their privacy invaded for once.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not surprised...

    The police are as dodgy as the journos - more so really.

  12. Rentaguru


    there would still be the Daily Star or el reg

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sun editor Trevor Kavanagh has been crying on radio 4 about the investigation into The Sun and calling it a witch hunt.

    After the way this scummy rag has behaved for decades the unbelievable nerve of the man makes me sick.

  14. Cazzo Enorme


    Ha, ha, ha, ha, riiiiiippp .... boink.

    Ooh dear, I seem to have split my sides and laughed my head off.

  15. Andy 70

    farrk 'em, send 'em daaarn!

    its a fair cop guv!

    wotevar sunshine, you're nicked!

  16. Aqua Marina

    So when is...

    ...AOs follow up article denying that The Sun have ever been anything but above reproach?

  17. ideapete

    Outa Ruperts what ?

    The Suns shines out of Rupert's posterior orifice - bet that hurts

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