back to article NSW government accused of dodgy software cover-up

The buggy FirstNet emergency department software has become the subject of a political argument in NSW. In one of those paradoxes of democracy, an opposition which, in government, was responsible for a now-despised implementation is now using the IT project as a stick to beat a government which was in opposition when the …


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  1. LarsG

    NOT JUST...

    You in NSW, we are past masters of this crap here in the UK.

    Any Gov IT project here over runs, costs billions more than anticipated and fails to work correctly.

    The project is usually decided by taking the cheapest quote and then overseen by politians who have no idea, advised by by experts (additional cost) who don't know one end of a USB lead from another and paid for by you who has to fund the short fall.

    In many cases, the project fails in delivery, the company involved in the project sacked, then paid out billions in compensation for their failure!

    Why are we no longer surprised.

  2. FozzyBear

    Not the first

    and it wont be the last failed Government IT project.

    Rewind the Clock back over a decade to the COPS system. Over $100 Million and the system still did not do what was required. After 2 years they finally started talking to the end users and getting the "Real" requirements rather than the crap that some knucklehead sitting in an office thought the system should do rather than what the system needs to do.

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