back to article Red Hat fires Gluster thruster from Amazon's cluster

Red Hat is providing a Virtual Storage Appliance using Amazon cloud storage and claiming enterprise, scale-out NAS capability. The Red Hat VSA is built on Red Hat's acquired Gluster technology dealing with a clustered filesystem, and is based on back-end Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is POSIX-compliant and, Red Hat claims, …


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  1. GCom
    Thumb Down

    Take it from experience with both these technologies

    Having worked with both ec2 for large scale storage and gluster this is a recipe for storage which runs like a dog (not to mention will probably cost well over the odds very quickly). Low latency, large network backplanes and direct block storage access are the recipe for success with object file systems such as gluster

    1. DanceMan

      Gluster thruster cluster bluster?

      All right, I'm leaving.

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