back to article Oracle tucks R stats language into database

Relational database juggernaut Oracle has embedded the R programming language used by more than 2 million statisticians and quants the world over into its 11g relational database. Call it R-acle 11g, Quant Edition. R, of course, is the open source statistical analysis programming language and is also the name of the runtime …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is it...

    ... that makes this specifically suited for "quants"?

    This is the unadorned open source version, isn't it? Possibly we're looking at the marketeers getting their toes wet, and if it catches on a swift takeover of revolution analytics and a package upgrade.

  2. Qu Dawei

    Strange omissions

    It is a very strange article, which, when talking about R, omits to mention its direct-source origins in the S language (later on, the S-plus language, and now S4). R is much more like S than SAS or SPSS, and many statisticians preferred to use it, even though it cost a lot of money, than use SPSS or even SAS (I think SPSS was viewed as the most inferior one amongst those mentioned.) As I said, this was the view amongst statisticians, which are a different group to those who just use statistical packages. I think its a serious omission in this article. although wikipedia gives a short summary, not so outrageously wrong, and it refers to a useful history in the form of a pdf document about it.

  3. jswinterburn


    How does that work with the license? R is GPL, so presumably they cant include it? Its so sprawling, it would be hellish to write your own.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      GPL v2

  4. MartinSullivan

    System R is already in Postgresql

    Maybe this is what Oracle are trying to do.

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