back to article IBM: We do server flash already...

With all this EMC Lightning kerfuffle and Dell, HDS and NetApp joining in – with HP pointedly saying "No comment" like we really believe it's not playing too – there's a Big Blue elephant we're not hearing or seeing. Don't worry, IBM definitely has skin in this game – and it's called eXFlash. This is solid state storage local …


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  1. LeguanArne

    So IBM offers SSD's to their servers?


    1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

      No, no, no

      This is all just so you can run Lotus Notes at speeds greater than a crawl.

      1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

        There nothing wrong with a crawl

        Oh dammit my DESKTOP6.NDK workspace file has corrupt.

        On a serious Note, you can always run Lotus Notes in legacy mode if speed is your thing.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    kerfuffle -- best word this week

    So it's 2012 and they have `hot swap` listed as a new feature on a product. As said `kerfuffle` realy is the best word this week and so very very apt.

  3. Dare to Think
    IT Angle

    Easily DIY

    Why does IBM need hot swapping for SSD, does IBM's solution lead to more SSD failures?

    The throughput is easily outgunned by the 410,000 IOPS and the 2,800MB/s read and write of a 1.6TB SSD PCIe.

    Looks to me if you want to have a decent server you, er, take your earthing kit and screwdriver and build it yourself.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      That depends on where you feel your are situated in the food chain.

    2. Nacona

      Actually IBM has been selling the full suite of PCIe based solid state since before the announced the EXFlash.

      While the PCIe are faster, they do have the downside of not being hot - swap and only able to use software RAID to protect data unlike the EXFlash which sits behind a hardware RAID card allowing for a lot more flexibility and aggregation if required.

      But hey, you seem to know everything already :)

  4. Lorddraco

    I though it is equivalent .. but it is not

    It is not even close ... it is just a bunch of SSD in a Disk enclosure using SAS or SATA interconnect ... mmm .. funny that it is classified as VFCache equivalent? Think VFCAche is greatly mis-understood....

    1. Ammaross Danan


      If these disks are stuck in a RAID, does that mean IBM developed a RAID controller that passes TRIM through to the SSDs? Or at the very least, these disks will have garbage collection to prevent them from performing like a SSDNow drive....

      1. Nacona

        The IBM RAID cards have been supporting SSD devices for a long time now, this is nothing new.

        Regarding TRIM, that is a function where the SSD is relying on the O/S to govern recycling of deleted data cells. In the SSD's in use in the servers, the SSD's have an internal garbage collection mechanism that takes care of this function.

        As I mentioned in my earlier post, putting the SSD's behind a RAID card ( an HBA is supported as well) gives you flexibility on hardware assisted data protection as well as drive aggregation for capacity increases.

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