back to article Overclockers UK swallowed by private equity firm Afinum

German private equity firm Afinum - owners of distributor Caseking - has swallowed specialist components etailer Overclockers UK for an undisclosed sum. Vahid Gharaei, biz development manager at Caseking told The Reg it had been seeking to break into the UK market for some time. "The economy being the way it is today we were …


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  4. Davidoff

    Overclockers modifies CPUs to make them run faster than specified

    No, they're not.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge

      It's just badly worded. I think they were offering some background on what overclocking is, instead of implying that Overclockers UK sell modified processors (which wouldn't be good news).

    2. LarsG

      IT MIGHT....

      Make it easier to return faulty goods!

  5. James Cooke

    Rumours that there will now be a customer service department

    Have been denied by all.

    1. Simbu
      Thumb Up

      Scan are the people to go to if you want actual customer service. Only E-tailer i know of that have actual enthusiasts working for them in tech support roles.

      No, i don't work there :rolleyes:

      1. LarsG


        Go on admit it, you DO work for Scan you enthusiast you!

      2. Shamalam


        They're as bad as anywhere else. Great before you buy, utterly shite after, especially the RMA service. What's more annoying is how they suddenly become "uncommunicative" when you ask them to explain why a simple RMA has been FUBAR.

        Scan ain't any better than anywhere else. Judging from their own users posts on their section on, they're quite a bit worse than alot of other places. RMA is particularly weak.

        Prices are decent though, they're cheaper than on most items.

        1. Paul Shirley

          Scan, still using a stock system with no ability to reserve sold items or resolve problems when items take turns being out of stock. Which happened a lot till i quit using them.

          Also the only supplier so far to simply ignore queries about missing items in a delivery.

          Must try harder.

          1. Powerpointmonkey

            Insurance Scan

            The last time I used Scan it was for an external USB hard drive. They aded £1 'installation insurance' by default that I did not notice until after I had completed the checkout. I called them to point out that you don't really install a USB hard drive, they weren't interested in refunding me and I haven't used them since!

    2. Blusox69

      they have no concept of the distance selling regulations that's for sure.

  6. illiad

    Paul Kunert, you have no clue!!

    replace 'modifies CPU' with 'tweaks motherboards' and it would be correct... :p

    up to a Ghz speed increase.. :) much more stress-free than DIY, and turning that £1000 CPU into a molten lump... {aaaaargh! sob!}

  7. Blusox69

    Hope they improve their cusotmer service. Every time in the last 10 years I used them they screwed up then breached my consumer rights, haven't yet bought anything from them that didn't involve trading standards

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge


      You had a bad experience with them yet you kept going back?

  8. Mark2410


    well i guess there goes my fav 'puter bits retailer.

  9. MagicBoy

    /Wonders how long the forums will last once the new owners start to read the content!

  10. Paul Smith

    Customer service

    I have used them, liked them, and recommended them to others.

    As far as I am aware, every one I suggested to try OCUK still gives them repeat business. Yes, of course there have been problems, faulty goods, and misunderstandings, but the reason I and others give them repeat business is because those problems are sorted politely and profesionally.

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  12. chipxtreme

    RMA for overclockers in my experience was terrible. I've had mixed results with RMA with Scan, sometimes they have been excellent and other times i've had to ring them every day for a fortnight before anything was done. I would order from scan again but not sure about OCUK.

  13. Neil 7

    Spie - the racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot

    I might consider giving OcUK my business once again if the bigoted former owner severs all connections with the company as part of this deal.

  14. Shades


    Thats odd. I can walk into their premises just a few minutes down the road!

  15. FordPrefect
    Thumb Up

    As Per Neil 7

    I also have taken issue with current owner of the business if he is no longer involved I might consider buying from there again especially as they are only a few minutes down the road for me.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Selling Overclocked Processors?

    No they don't.

    1. Spudbynight

      There are some

  17. cyberdemon Silver badge

    Another one bites the dust

    How long before there are no independent UK businesses left that haven't been gutted into "brands" for foreign marketing companies?

    I know OCUK haven't been turned into a "brand" shell just yet, but now the Krauts have them over a barrel they can do what they like!

  18. Dennis Wilson

    Oh nuts............

    I've used OCUK a lot over the years an most of my builds will have something from them inside. They were not the most expensive, neither were they the cheapest. One thing i do know is that they sold just about everything computers, and i had no problem with returns. I do hope the RAF are ready just in case the Germans make them sell washing machines

  19. LyleS

    Time to head back to OcUK

    After reading Spie's posts on the forum and seeing his views on many things I choose never to buy anything from his company again. It may be time to go back to using OcUK now as I always found they sold good kit.

  20. jason 7

    Havent bought from them in a while.

    Used to use them all the while but just not the cheapest anymore.

    I still use their site to spec up builds for a rough price as its the fastest for that.

    Then I go to Ebuyer who usually end up £5 cheaper and also give you free delivery, to purchase.

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