back to article Analyst: no 7in tablet at iPad 3 launch

Apple is going to release a 7in iPad - but not next month when it unwraps the iPad 3. So says analyst Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research, a market watcher. Speaking to Computerworld, he said he believes that Apple has always had the 7in tablet form-factor in mind, despite what Steve Jobs once said. Jobs, when asked …


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  1. It'sa Mea... Mario

    Wasn't really wrong was he..

    "We think the current crop of 7in tablets are going to be DOA."

    Most would have to agree that the current crop *at the time this was said* were exactly that.

    1. SuccessCase

      Dead right. Let's face it, Amazon's strategy isn't "sell a 7 inch tablet to get a base for Amazon ecosystem sales" but "sell a tablet considerably cheaper than the iPad to get a base for Amazon ecosystem sales". If they could have done that with a nine or ten inch tablet, they would have done.

  2. hexx

    oh these anal ysts - always wrong and always clueless. what a lovely way to earn money, just pull something from your ass, put your name on it and sell it

  3. B33k34

    Nope. Don't believe this at all.

  4. Roboman

    Another Jobs pulls a rabbit out of the hat...brilliant, not clumsy!

    Was this a classic case of Steve Jobs' mis-direction? Knocking a 7" while it was in the works to put the other companies off stride?

    Would it fit in a pocket? Doubtful, but if it had solid (decent) protection and could be tossed into a backpack, it'd sell millions!

    To the person who wrote that the iPad has a "clumsy" form factor, you really are one of the few in the world who thinks so! Millions have bought it and millions of others have bought 10" Android tablets. Not clumsy at all. What is clumsy is lugging around a laptop and all of its paraphenalia!

  5. Arctic fox

    Memo to CEO Asus: Dear Sir, I think that you should...............

    "The analyst also forecast the debut next month of an iPad 3 case with an integrated keyboard, echoing speculation here and elsewhere based on comments made by CEO Tim Cook that Apple will soon have an offering for folk who want a compact laptop-type device running iOS."

    ..............have a word with your legal dept.

    yrs sincerely

    Arctic Fox

    1. alpine

      Too late

      And only 3 years after lots of us hackintoshed our netbooks...

  6. Michael Kean

    7 Inch is pocketable.

    Take a DL envelope. Cut one inch off the end, and stick it in your trouser pocket. It fits fine. Likewise most 7" tablets.

    I'll keep my 7" Galaxy Tab and my 2" Nokia E51 quite happily thanks :) Light enough to hold for extended time too.

    10 inches, nice to sit and use, but too big to pocket. Likewise the iPad.

  7. alpine


    But smartphones are already too big. So you might as well go that little bit bigger, forget the phone bit and have a smallish tablet.

  8. Volker Hett
    Thumb Up

    Good! Stick to your predictions!

    One day they'll build one and then you're the indisputable expert who'd known it for a long time.

  9. tmTM


    More totally unsubstantiated Apple rubbish.

    I'm an analyst and I predict no 7inch iPad, who wants to run this rubbish?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I have a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab and I take it with me everywhere as it fits in my pocket. I also have an iPad and cannot be arsed lugging that around under my arm or in a bag. In answer to your question; anyone who has the greater need for the portability will want "this rubbish".

  10. Ali on the Reg

    Hope so

    Despite my disdain for some of Apples methods I would buy a 7" iPad in a heartbeat even with a premium price tag. I am fed up of Android's 'idiosyncrasies' and the relatively poorer quality of its apps.

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