back to article Sony posts PlayStation firmware patch

Sony's latest PlayStation firmware - version 4.10 - is now available for download, with the Sony Entertainment Network ready for PS3s from here on. As announced earlier this week, Sony has renamed the PlayStation Network in an effort to streamline all of the company's online services into one sensibly-named bracket. PS3 …


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  1. JDX Gold badge

    Web browser

    Anyone know any specifics or got a link about this? The old one is horrible.

    1. PaulW

      Well I'm just checkin it out. Release notes "on screen"


      The Internet browser has been improved.

      Some websites that could not be displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported, and page layouts are now displayed with better accuracy.

      You can now set to obtain the correct date and time automatically when you sign in to Playstation(r) Network. If you do not need to set the correct time automatically, set [Settings] > [Date and Time Settings] > [Set time automatically] to [Off]


      Seems like the release notes still call it Playstation(r) Network :) Someone forgot to fix that!

      1. PaulW

        Still tagged as a a useragent of "Mozilla/5.0 (Playstation 3 4.10) AppleWebkit/531.22.8 (KHTML, like Geko) if that helps.

        HTML5 test gives 80 out of 475 points (via - IE9 -> 141, FF10 -> 332 for reference)

    2. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

      But will it youtube?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    " an effort to make everyone forget about their appalling year last year."

    There, fixed it.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      appalling year last year

      Where they outsold the Xbox360 and Wii at a higher retail pricepoint...

      PS3 14,059,943 (+1%)

      X360 13,422,253 (0%)

      Wii 11,846,601 (-32%)

      Yeh really bad..... I used to love visiting El-Reg before the braindead morons arrived...

      1. Anonymous Coward

        By appalling, I meant their public relations fiasco regarding the PSN which was truly dreadful.

        It all came out right in the end, but I'm sure they would like to draw a line under the whole sorry affair.

        This is nothing but a PR exercise.

      2. Chet Mannly

        He was referring to the thousands of stolen credit card details from PSN.

        I used to love the Reg before it was infested with Apple and Sony Fanbois!!

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Errm, what stolen creditcards?

          You need to stop using Xbo Live forums and Eurogamer as your source of "news".

          "In a question and answer blog, posted on the PlayStation website, the company said: "The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken."

          Perhaps you are recalling some twisted version of reality, or have fallen into the FUD reporting that was so disgusting both here and pretty much everywhere else.

  3. Pete 69

    Still called PlayStation network on my XMB post-update. In fact if no one had mentioned this SEN thing I'd be none the wiser.

  4. Pypes


    Is my fucking MKV support!!!!

    For a console that integrates so nicely into a decent home cinema system this is a massive oversight (or rather apathy on sony's part) I was going to buy my parents a PS3 for xmas but got them a NAS media box instead for just this reason, so I can confirm that it's cost them at least 1 sale.

    1. Citizen Kaned

      you cant blame them...

      MKV is a format mainly used for pirated films. sony owns a movie business

      i can see why you are upset but to be honest who uses a ps3 for media any more? they are so noisy.

  5. Wombling_Free

    in an effort to streamline all of the company's online services into one sensibly-named bracket.


    In an effort to distance itself from its own monumental cock-up a year ago?

    In an effort to pretend the massive data theft from a year ago? (That was the PSN - this is the SEN - its TOTALLY DIFFERENT... spelling....)

    I have a PS3. It has not been connected to the internet for 12 months now, and Sony don't have my data anymore. I've only used it as a Blu-ray player, I haven't played any games on it for 12 months either. It is the last Sony item I will ever buy. Last year was just... too much.

  6. measmyself

    PSN remains as it did before, they have said numerous times, that your account will be called SEN instead of PSN.

    The PSN product is remaining, so this has little to do with the data hacking case. It has more to do with having all users on one SEN account, and accessing their range of products called, Music Unlimited, PlayMemories, PSN, and Video Unlimited.

    Source - Sony US blog post.

    So seeing all these news stories talking about PSN dead/replaced/retired/gone is slightly annoying. Especially when they say things like "as we reported before" so the original report was wrong and therefore your new report was wrong, why does that make good reporting??

  7. Leona A
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    Do I get the Iplayer service yet? Since (unbeknown to me) that my PS3 didn't come from the UK (despite having a UK plug (came with my phone deal)), I am unable to access Iplayer or any other Catch up service, the excuse for a web browser it a total joke, at the moment its just a glorified (slow and cumbersome) DVD player (I don't have any PS3 games or Blu-rays), I was hoping to use it as an Catchup TV player :(

    1. MasonStorm

      The media icons dissapeared from my PS3's XMB after the v4 update. It seems that they wouldn't reappear until the unit knew it was UK based. I downloaded, installed and then ran "PS Home". This seemed to do the trick and the media icon reappeared. Not sure if it will work on your non-UK sourced PS3, but worth a try ?

    2. Anonymous Coward


      So it's Sony's fault you were a cheapskate and didn't opt for the £150 NEW PS3, but a used one of unknown origin?

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