back to article New Fedora boss pushes for the clouds

Red Hat has appointed former Fedora program manager Robyn Bergeron to that distro's next project leader – and she has plans to make the operating system more focused on cloud services. Bergeron takes over from Jared Smith at an interesting time in the market, with the industry increasingly looking beyond the basic client/ …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    First off, congrats on your new position.

    "Linux Mint has seen its share of the open source market since it set up a GNOME 2 version, but Bergeron said she didn’t see that much interest from Fedora users in shifting back."

    That's because all us shell-haters left, or are using lxde kde etc.

    "If there was a huge demand people would be more vocal about it"

    Read the forums.

    1. schubb

      Switched to LXDE

      I agree, I switched over to LXDE because of the GNOME 3 switch...

    2. AdamWill

      I do

      I do (although not so much lately, unfortunately, been short on time). There's a couple of prominent Shell-haters, but aside from them, I'd say the reception of Shell isn't terribly negative, many people seem to be fine with it.

      The quote in this article is...rather context-free, anyway. The point remains that there's no barrier at all to Fedora including any desktop that can be packaged in a way that's consistent with the packaging guidelines. If anyone wants to step up and package MATE or Mint's stuff or whatever, they can. It's not a problem at all.

      As far as people leaving goes - see . F16 is down on F15, but only slightly (6% for the last week there are figures).

  2. Bill Neal

    No need to be AC

    You're only stating the obvious.

  3. Nigel 11


    Interesting that Red Hat, with RHEL6, seem to be committed to Gnome 2 for the next decade.

    The answer may be Cinnamon - provide something like a classic desktop, but layered on top of the Gnome 3 libraries.

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