back to article LG HLX56S net savvy 3D Blu-ray soundbar combo

LG’s HLX56S is an audacious all-in-one home cinema system, cast in the guise of a mild-mannered soundbar. With integrated 3D Blu-ray player, copious amplification and IPTV portal, it’s got everything you need for the upmarket man-cave, in a package easily parked beneath a 40in or larger flatscreen. LG HLX56S Network 3D Blu-ray …


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  1. Citizen Kaned


    i just dont get them. i would much rather have some proper 5.1 /7.1 setup.

    you dont mention upscaling or upconversion in the review.

    also, doesnt £750 seem expensive? for that you could buy a cheap separates system

  2. Ray Bellis

    5.8 GHz?

    Last I heard, you still needed a £50 p.a. license to operate any equipment in the 5.8 GHz band in the UK.

  3. jason 7

    Try a Sharp instead.

    Had a £120 Sharp soundbar demoed to us a few weeks ago. Then we listened to a £400 Sony one. The Sharp one weed on the Sony from a high height. I didn't buy either was just curious.

    As for the reason behind Soundbars over multi-speaker setups is that not all of us are that anal about having full surround and also we don't like having wires and boxes strewn around the living room. I've seen very few surround systems that look or even work nicely. Most are just a mess.

    Some folks just want to add a bit of oomph to their inch thick TV.

    1. Citizen Kaned

      fair enough....

      i also guess you dont know anyone into AV and HC. a decent system like mine can sound amazing but then again i paid a fair bit for my onkyo 709 and B&W 5.1 system.

      1. dogged

        When it's horses for courses

        my horse is distorted, I bought it for four quid and forced it through horseshit... - Scroobius Pip

        But yeah, you like 5:1/7:1, other people have partners who don't want wires all over the place. Sometimes "good enough" is.

        1. Citizen Kaned

          wires everywhere?

          its not hard to stick wires in nice trunking or under carpets or even in the walls.

          i guess ive been into home cinema for 15 years i just cant go back to terrible sound.

          when we moved recently i had no amp & speakers for 2 night and it was horrible. just TV speakers

          1. Citizen Kaned


            you can get wireless rear speakers now. my father in law has some on his sony system

          2. jason 7

            The secret is....

            ....not to let yourself get into that truly awful situation where you cant stand average TV audio.

            I'd dread to think how some would manage if faced with a truly life threatening situation.

            1. Citizen Kaned


              true. they are different things though really.

              how many BMW/merc owners would like to drive a 20 year old maestro or how many people living in a nice 5 bed house could live in a bedsit.

              you get used to some things and going backwards is hard.

              how many life threatening situations have you been in? i have had a few... i still hate tv speakers :)

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