back to article Micro Anvika seeks channel props for CVA rescue plan

Troubled Tottenham Court Road retailer Micro Anvika is seeking approval from distributors to green-light a restructure package. The independent – which set up shop in 1984 and has seven stores including a concession in Harrods – appointed biz consultancy Re10 last month to advise it on the best way to counter the slump in …


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  1. Robert Dudani

    Real Shame

    This goes further back than Micro Anvika

    It goes back to the worlds largest Computer Store in the 70s, Lion House

    Having worked in both as a kid, helped me understand retailing and set up CeX


  2. ThomH

    My most recent experience of Micro Anvika...

    ... is being told that the cheapest ADSL Wifi router they had was £80. I ended up buying an equivalent (ie, brand new, name manufacturer) one for £12 on Amazon instead.

    I'm not sure there's still a place in the market for shops like Micro Anvika since they tend to have to apply significant mark ups and the products are always at least a few months behind the curve.

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