back to article Sony confirms 'tough-minded' Hirai as new CEO, president

Sony has announced that a new president and CEO will take over from Howard Stringer on 1 April, while Stringer becomes chairman of the board. Kazuo Hirai was already tipped to take over from Stringer when he was appointed to head of consumer products and services, the Sony Corporation's main business, and last week, Japanese …


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  1. earplugs

    April Fool's Joke?

    This is the guy who's in charge of the PS3 which has been completely neglected 4 years in a row, part of the cabal that has shrunk Sony to nothing, and now we hear he's being promoted April 1st? Surely its a good joke. There really is a plan to turn around Sony this century?

    1. asdf

      come one now

      Cut the guy some slack. 3rd place in the console wars isn't so bad. Even if coming from a dominant position the prior generation and still only selling a third as many.

    2. asdf


      If you think the PS3 was a failure look at the numbers on the Vita. Don't know if I would consider Sony's consoles as having any kind of momentum right now even accounting for the recession.

    3. motoh

      Important decisions like vomiting over the XMB, using a proprietary memory format for the Vita, and the myriad 'save our lockin' firmware updates can all be laid at his feet. This is not a turn around, this is an acceleration into bigger losses and more failures.

  2. Comments are attributed to your handle

    Cue stock complaint about rootkits, Other OS, etc.

    1. asdf

      No need customers are talking with their wallets obviously.

  3. Mediocrates

    "Globally Focused"

    Best oxymoron I've seen all week.

    Can we have a drinking bleach icon?

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