back to article Cocktail Audio X10 CD copier and music streamer

The Cocktail Audio X10 is a compact hi-fi component with a network connection for internet radio, audio streaming from shared devices and file transfer. It’s fitted with a 500GB or 1TB hard disk, which serves as your music library, either for existing digital audio files that you copy to it or CDs ripped using its slot-loading …


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  1. Chris D Rogers

    Apple Mac Mini Anyone?

    Whilst all these streamers, IPTV and other such like items are great, would not your money be better invested in a Mac Mini connected to a AV Receiver or actual TV itself if speakers are of any quality - maybe even a sound bar.

    I've been using my Mac Mini as the heart of my AV set-up for over five years and only recently upgraded to a HDMI enabled Mac Mini that still comes with a optical drive.

    Not wishing to sound like a Apple Fanbois - I hate iTunes - this set-up has been great.

    I'm sure their are other single box PC's out there similar to Apple's little wonder - shame about the price though, but here in Hong Kong our Apple costs are among the lowest in the World.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Some people want an all in one, easy to operate device and this seems to fit the bill. I am with you though, I jailbroke an ATV2, installed XBMC. I bought a 6TB NAS and I not only have bucket loads of storage for music but stream my ripped DVD movies to my ATV and any wireless device that supports CIFS, AFP and DNLA.

  2. Bob H

    I've been looking at devices which aren't IPTV because you don't always want a screen on, plus this has a built in amp, but it is far too expensive. Compared to any other media NAS, or even LG's BluRay+NAS, or my Humax Freeview HD PVR.

    It should be much, much cheaper, the components aren't worth 20% of the list price.

  3. Purlieu


    No mention of the Brennan ? Oddly. Mini-jack out really is rubbish at this price level. Nice display. The fan will kill it for me, I mean, what ???

    1. Citizen Kaned


      surely they would use hdmi or optical anyway?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If "My iTunes folder has amassed hundreds of folders over the years and it took the player nearly a minute to load them." and "It also uses Samba to appear as a shared drive on the network" then why not move the iTunes Library over to the device? Then the Library is always online even when the PC is off..

    1. Audrey S. Thackeray

      I guess you would do that if you owned the device but for a review model it would be ... less beneficial.

  5. Mark #255

    The lack of an ipod dock...

    is seen by many Reg commenters (me included) as a saving of space, materials and licence fees, and not an unfortunate omission.

    1. Darryl

      @Mark #255

      Damn... You beat me to it!

    2. Mike Taylor

      "surprising lack"

      Makes me want it more.

  6. gravelld


    If it uses FreeDB, which doesn't supply artwork, how did the artwork in the press shots get there?

    1. David Gosnell


      1. Citizen Kaned


        you can always tell as when you transform text in PS it looks a bit odd. as a PS user i can always see this very easily.

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