back to article Antivirus startup Dasient flocks off to Twitter

Twitter has acquired anti-malware startup Dasient. Financial terms of the deal, announced Monday, were undisclosed. dasient_tweet Twitter chirps about acquisiton Dasient launched a web-based anti-malware platform in 2009, following up with technology designed to restrict the spread of malicious ads a year later. In joining …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    'Moxie Marlinspike'?

    If that name is real, it's got to rank up there with 'Trent Reznor' and 'Dieter Quester' on the all-time-coolest-names board.

  2. Nights_are_Long

    It's nice to see some form of social media taking security seriously, I am not a fan of social networking but I have to say twitter is impressing me at the moment.

    @ David W. I read a interview about Moxie a while ago, apparently it is his chosen name i.e. one he prefares to go by, but is "real" on his birth certificate name is known to a hand full of people outside his family. Some one in the comments pointed out with his sailing history / experience it's no wonder he took the name Marlinspike as it's a really useful tool, it looks like a freaking huge sewing needle made from metal about 6 - 12 in long wiki has a picture that put's it much better

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Man, good luck getting one of -those- suckers through airport security.

      "The bible says that as many rich people will go to heaven as camels can fit through the eye of a needle. This is our third attempt. It's only a bit impressive, I know - but you should see the camel."

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