back to article Nokia busted for dodgy SMS to customers

Nokia has fallen foul of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, incurring a $AU55,000 fine following consumer complaints over its SMS marketing practices. The watchdog commenced an investigation into the vendor’s SMS marketing activity and found that Nokia’s text ‘tips’ delivered to handset users did not include …


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  1. Goat Jam
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    It's about bloody time too

    I don't know if this happens in other countries but in Australia if you buy a Nokia you get spammed relentlessly with "Tech tips" that amount to little more than advertisements for the Ovi store.

    Damned annoying.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's about bloody time too

      It happens in other countries too, Goat Jam.

      As soon you insert your SIM in a Nokia handset and power it on, it sends an SMS to Nokia (at your expense, of course,) ratting your number to them and subscribing you to their spam.

      This is one of the reasons why Nokia is dead to me.


  2. dotdavid

    Text spam

    Fortunately, I haven't been a victim but I think way too many companies seem to use the medium to be "in touch" with their customers.

    T-Mobile used to text me every month to say my direct debit was due to come out in the next few days, and how much was due. That was marginally useful in that I could tell whether they were overcharging me or not and keep an eye on my usage. However someone must have complained about getting the bottom line sent to them in a text message anyone could read, so they stopped including the bill amount - turning the marginally useful service into a pretty useless one. After all, I know the direct debit is due - it happens every month, and isn't much of a surprise.

    But can I work out how to unsubscribe from these helpful messages? No. And I don't even have a Nokia.

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