back to article Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225

Cut-price 32GB Android tablet, anyone? Dixons is now pricing the 32GB Motorola Xoom at £249 - if you can find one. And, according to readers, keying in the discount code 'Tablet 10' at the checkout will get you ten per cent off the sale price, taking the tablet down to £225. Motorola Xoom at Dixons The catch: word is …


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  1. pullenuk

    good stuff!

    For those not happy paying a huge amount but want a good solid tablet this is the chance to get one. Especially when ice cream sandwich coming for it, so wont be any different from the latest tabs apart from weight and speed really.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OK deal

    But the Xoom is hardly the top-end Android, even with 32GB. That crown surely lives with the Asus Transformer (my 16GB Transformer has a 32GB MicroSD making it a 48GB model for not much more than this price).

    1. Weirdy one

      I can't find the Transformer for less that abut £330 quid, I wouldn't call that 'not much more', and that's for the 16Gb model. The keyboard dock is a great add-on, but without it the Xoom is a better device.

      Early reviews of the Xoom mention the SD card port being disabled, but that is long since overcome by firmware updates, so thrown in a32GB SD an have a 64GB device for peanuts.

      I got a Xoom off ebay just before christmas, and it's almost never out of my hands. Briliant for media and useable as a work device too. I'm not quite geek enough to hack it for ICS, I'll wait for the UK upgrade, but Honeycomb is still a great OS, and any limitations are easliy overcome by free apps from the market. Much more flexible and useful than the iPad (my wife has one, so I can compare side-by-side).

      It probably wasn't woth the original asking price, but this is silly money.

      If anyone manages to pick one up, I recommend this case on amazon, which is really useful and dirt cheap:

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      My 32GB Xoom also has a 32GB microSD card in it giving me 64GB.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Top End?

      Your Transformer and the Xoom share nearly identical innards, I don't think you can claim top tablet because of your memory card slot and keyboard dock.

      Not when you consider how much you paid for the privilege.

      The Asus Transformer prime can be called Top End, by virtue of it's superior hardware.

  3. Timmay


    Kinda making my first foray into tablets with the PlayBook at £199 (32GB model) look a bit silly really.

    The Xoom was top of my shopping list, but at the prices at the time, the PlayBook seemed the better option. D'oh. Oh well, suppose I'll save up for the Transformer Prime now...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Gotta shift that stock that isn't selling somehow.

    Selling Tablets at this price isn't sustainable for any manufacturer

    1. DrXym

      Xoom was always overpriced

      The Xoom is supposedly an OK tablet but was hamstrung by its high price and later by competing tablets which were cheaper and arguably better. So I'm not surprised if they have a lot of stock to get rid of.

  5. Patrick O'Reilly

    ICS Easy

    It's very easy to get ICS on a UK WiFi Xoom. No need to root it, just unlock the bootloader, download the official Xoom US WiFi ROM from the Motorola website and once it boots it updates itself to 4.0.3

    1. Worse

      Hi, just managed to order a Xoom. Now - you mention it's possible to download the ORIGINAL ICS 4.0.3 ROM image from the US Moto website? I've trawled around but coudln't find it.

      Can you point me in the right direction please?

      Thanks, G

  6. Mark #255

    too late...

    ...and they're sold out.

    Oh well, 10 inches is too big anyway </carry on>

  7. Giles Jones Gold badge

    You can sell almost anything at vastly reduced prices if you don't have any in stock.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Just ordered one, email says my order's in preparation and gives its shipment date. 10% discount code didn't work though...

      1. Scob

        Still available

        But no 10% discount :( I want it all!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      My order confirmation also came through. It says it's being prepared for delivery.

  8. Andy Roid McUser

    love my xoom

    Didn't mind paying the full price to get my grubby hands on one at the time. But at £225 this is insane money for dual core 10.1" tegra 2 hardware with an SD slot, HDMI out and dual band abgn wifi. Not as slim, by any means as the samsung 10.1, but it bothers me not. Use mine all day every day and has fully replaced my laptop which is now gathering dust. It's also very easy to remove the euro firmware and put on the US google experience device firmware... meaning I'm now rocking android 4.0.3 and fully up to date. Only gripe is the proprietary 12v power connector and no USB charging.. but with the battery life being so good its not really an issue. If you can find one get it, with SD card expansion you're looking at 64gb.. stock android tablet. Good value.

  9. PaulR79

    Motorola? No thanks.

    It's a good deal if you're after a usable tablet for a fairly low price. Unfortunately for me it has that one word that will always be poison - Motorola. The tablet may well be able to go to ICS via unlocking and flashing the US firmware but after past experiences I will not be touching their hardware. If Google are successful with the purchase it may change but for the near future I'm avoiding them completely.

    For anyone else it may be a good deal, my point of view is from bad experiences. That and I have an Advent Vega which may not be top of the range but does what I need it to for the time being.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      These things are all made in the same chinese factories you know... Still love my Motorola clamshell phone and it's been 100% reliable, like all my previous Motorola phones.

  10. jolly

    Available in shops?

    "It's not available through Dixons' websites, but some folk are claiming it can be bought in shops."

    Which shops? I thought Dixons was web only these days?

    1. Dapprman

      The PCW in Watford had at least one in on Saturday when I was passing time there. Not sure I'd have picked one up if iId known about the upgrade (after all Motorala do not have the best reputation for providing these on their android products) as I'm not a big fan of their products having ahd my figners burnt through their design and build quality in the past.

    2. TAHarris

      I got mine yesterday in Currys

      I got one yesterday in Currys for £249 as was unable to pay online and pickup instore. If you went in store and picked one up they would still charge you £349 for it..

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Their PC World are rocking them at this price to reserve and collect and Carphone Warehouse are doing them too.

      Dixons still do the Tax Free stores i think.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Would be rude not to at that price

      Picked one up in CWP at lunchtime, they had 5 in stock in my local store at £249.99 for the 32GB.

      Thanks for the tip-off, El Reg!

    5. asifmatey

      Bought 2 yesterday

      carphone wharehouse 249.99 great deal :)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Voucher code in any form not being accepted

    But you can still get them online. £225 had me. Strangley, £249 doesn't. Work that one out.

  12. Paul Webb

    Still available at the Dixons wesbite for £249.00

    Just bought one (at 11:09am). Unless I get a message about it not being in stock after all.

  13. fronty
    Thumb Down

    Promo code does not work

    I tried the promo code, "TABLET10" is supposed to be valid until 25th Jan but Dixons web site (and PC World) state rather dryly: "This promotional code is not applicable".


  14. pullenuk

    3g xooms

    I'm still nervous however rooting mine to get ice cream sandwich as it a 3g version.

  15. Havin_it

    "Hopefully, the UK release is not for behind."

    Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you're just supposed to hold it in your hands. Nice bit of Engrish though :)

  16. danielm

    Promo code is for Sony and Samsung tablets only

    According to Quidco, anyway.

  17. vulcan
    Thumb Up

    Just ordered one and received a confirmation email that the order is being processed although, like others, the 10% off code did not work :(

  18. Megabeing

    I just ordered one - 2:15 on Monday the 23rd

    As everyone has mentioned the promo code is invalid, but £250 seems a bargain to me!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      same here

      I too managed to get it from the site - sans promo code discount. Now let's hope they don't email all of us apologising for the fact that they can't deliver :-)

      On another topic, Dixons must be loving the free publicity these stunts generate. Remember the HP tablet price crash?

  19. asifmatey

    Carphone wharehouse

    bought 2 yesterday from the shop @ £249.99 :)

  20. Todgers
    Thumb Up

    The code (TABLET10) doesn't work as many have noted but if you get it from carphone warehouse its the same price and you get £10 back through kidstart if you have kids - definitely a bargain!

  21. This post has been deleted by its author

  22. John Riddoch

    Well, bugger....

    Dixon prices back up to £329, CWP out of stock online... might try some crawling of CWP stores tomorrow...

    1. John Riddoch

      Managed to snag the last one in the CWP store, been busy playing with it tonight :) However, it's vanished from their website, so be quick if you still want one.

  23. SuperNintendoChalmers

    Price is back up

    Price is back up to £330 on Dixons, Currys, and PC World websites.

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