back to article Intel stirs up management team

Management changes at Intel make it more clear who might end up running the company – after the current execs decide to retire many years hence – and who is going to be leading the fight against ARM processors at the bottom of the Intel line and RISC processors at the top. Back in July, Intel announced that vice chairman Andy …


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  1. LarsG


    They only need to use the tactics they used with AMD to win the day.

    Subsidies anyone?

  2. ElNumbre


    I wonder if Intel regret parting ways with XScale?

    Its amazing what ATI and nVidia have achieved, particularly the latter integrating GPU and ARM CPU capabilities, whilst Intel still seem to struggle to produce anything that can render in 3D.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      XScale was by far the worst implementation of an ARM architecture, on MIPS/clock and MIPS/watt measures, with all sorts of nasty un ARM like pipeline dependencies and stalls.

      Intel, through initial inaction and later abysmal design, threw away the lead DEC gave them with the StrongARM over contemporary ARM ranges, and the XScale is completely outclassed by current designs using the ARMv7 Cortex architecture, such as Tegra, OMAP and Samsung SOCs.

      If Intel hadn't shed the XScale, I doubt they'd be selling any more than Marvel has.

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