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  1. Federica Monsone

    Just trying this out

    After trying to reply to a post by Phil Mitchell which seems not to have worked (but then it could have been a mistake on my part), I am trying to creaet a brand new post thread. Let's see if this works. Fred
    1. Phil Mitchell (Written by Reg staff)

      It did work

      You can see it here

    2. CMLC

      Always handy to have a "test" thread to play with...

      ...so thanks for that, Fred!

  2. cracked

    Just trying this out too ... I'm not sure why though ...

    So I got an email from A.

    I figured it must be important, because it's like 2 years since he'd emailed me ;) It seemed so important that I actually registered.

    While not wanting to get in the way of the BBCode/html markup topics - nor the lack of a menu system - I was wondering exactly what the point of this "new toy" was?

    I can (sort of) understand the point of the Commentards and their responses/opinions on particular articles (which - I assume - go into the relevant forums, as well as being linked from the relevant article??); but what's the point of this (hidden?) forum?

    Is this for those articles that sometimes get publish with no title/link? (they're great fun, I must admit - Seems ages since there was one ...). Or is it a place for anyone to post something completely unrelated to any article on El Reg? (which seems a bit odd, at the very least)

    I'm confused ... so no change there ...

    ... oh, and according to the preview, smilies don't work ... this makes me :( and I'd like to be :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Let's get metaphysical!

      Elevator pitch: IT's answer to mumsnet.

      Yes this is a place for anyone to post anything. We do not think that this is peculiar. But given the nature of our readers and our site most will post stuff related to the stuff we write.

      Forum organisation will promote this, with sub-forums for, say "copyright" or "storage". We will also enable - encourage even - off-topic randomness. It's all part of the mix.

      1. cracked

        It's Not Peculiar ...

        Coming from a publication that is now infamous for dear old Lester (bless him) and his magic paper aeroplanes, that doesn't surprise me!

        I don't know how many readers you have (though there was the November Stats article, so I guess I could go remember) and I don't know how many you have or expect to register, nor how many of them will create random (rather than article led) comments? But it seems that you could get a lot of randomness ... Just seems a bit left-field given the amount of comments you already generate on topics/articles that the publication started (and the wide range of those articles).

        ... in the end, there's ads on all pages, eh? And stickiness appears to be where its all at (again), so - kinda like Whirpool*, over here in Aus - I guess becoming an IT Forum known for wider-ranging debate is a reasonable goal.

        * - Always amazed me that a washing machine manufacturer got in first ...

        Oh, and: before re-reading this topic, I was reading: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/01/22/g20_facebook/ ... So, not that then? ;)

        Snag List:

        * Automatic URL detection

        * Smilies

        * Edit Button (love Preview)

  3. Northern Fop

    Testing 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2

    <b>Is this bold?</b>

    <i>is this italic?</i>

    <a href="http://awkwardedmilibandmoments.tumblr.com">is this amusing?</a>

    <u>is this underlined?</u>

    1. Northern Fop

      Well, poo

      I am a second-class citizen :(

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Well, poo

        We will be rolling out this site wide in next couple of weeks. However, since you are helping us by trying out the forum I have upgraded your account manually, for you to use html.

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