back to article Sony Ericsson announces pre-slurp loss

Sony Ericsson has announced what it no doubt hopes will be one of its last quarterly losses for the end of 2011, just before it gets slurped in full by Sony. The mobile phone maker, which has struggled to compete with big Android houses like Motorola and Samsung, is to be fully taken over by Sony in the next few months. The …


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  1. King Jack

    Always happy to hear about Sony's misfortunes. Long may it continue.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Shouldn't take too long at that rate

      It shouldn't take too long at that rate.

      Be interesting to see what happens with a ''pure' Sony phone and their stated intention to be the No.1 Android vendor.

      I can't see it happening myself though

    2. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Having wondered why there's so much resentment against Sony I recently had an experience of why. I bought a 2.5" external drive with the intention of using the drive in my laptop. It's cheaper than buying a loose drive.

      Could I get it apart? not without a lot of breaking plastic and a cut to my finger. It also shipped with a pile of instruction sheets in every language known to man larger than the drive itself.

  2. Ilgaz

    Evil Swedish!

    So it was the evil Swedish partner that murdered perfect feature phones like k series and messed up one of the best touchscreen phone kernel/ gui mix lik rock solid symbian kernel running uiq framework.

    For example, it was Ericsson,a Telecom giant who had the wonderful idea of coding a firmware updater in Java/ flash. Yes they actually managed to code such a thing, ask p1 owners.

    Believe or not, there isn't any official remote for PS3 on android market. So, Swedish company gone, where is the app Sony?

  3. Paul Shirley

    "Our fourth quarter results reflected... astonishing level of overpricing frightening customers away"

    I mean, £500 for a Play? Didn't shift at £350 either.

    What worries me is the whackjobs at Sony will think Sony is a stronger brand than Sony Ericcson and worth charging even more for. Where in reality Ericcson was a reminder there was someone holding Sony back from their usual customer abusing madness, someone with a reputation in mobile.

  4. Paul 135

    Consumers are idiots

    I have the QWERTY Xperia Pro and believe that since QWERTY is infinitely superior to touch only devices, that this then makes the Xperia Pro the best phone on the market, regardless of price.

    ... And the price ... £260 SIM-free. Why on earth would you spend £600 on the most popular devices?

    (and don't give me that nonsense about "dual cores" - this thing is buttery smooth, great UI, compact, with same camera and chip as Arc, and superior to your overpriced dual core touch-only device )

    SE's failure is not only the launch delay (Japan earthquake), but also by not getting devices like this into shops (can only buy online in the UK) and not getting it revieved (El Reg - cough!)

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